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Central Arizona

Discussion in 'Landscapes, Architecture, and Cityscapes' started by Desert Rat, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. In April 2008 while in AZ I made a quick trip to central arizona... Ended up in the prescott area around sunset, but alas the sun ended up being evasive and went behind the clouds as I got to this location...


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  2. Well? No crits?
  3. liftoff


    Dec 21, 2007
    Phoenix, AZ
    Very nice shot! Looks almost HDR.

    As to the lack of replies around here lately...I feel ya! Unless you are one of the "special" people, lot's of lookie-loo's but most can't be bothered. I've rubbed some folks the wrong way here and so never expect much but I post 'em anyway. This place really doesn't have much going for it. Unless you want to blow smoke up someone's backside, posting for anything resembling help is non-existent, again, unless you are one of the "special" ones and a question like "I found $120, should I buy a 50 1.8 or save a little more for the 1.4" will have people tripping over themselves to answer and it will grow to 10 pages of replies in 15 minutes! Just too tight and cozy around here.

    Whew!!! Felt good to get that off my chest!!!

  4. Very nice shot. My first post of a picture I took was placed in this forum. Not a reply. Doesn't make me want to continue to post images here...

    But, great shot none the less. I've been in the Prescott area before, its very beautiful OVER and DOWN that way ;) 
  5. jadlh


    Mar 6, 2008
    USA, Michigan
    Don't feel too bad, I always look at the percentages of posts that are viewed and answered. You'll be doing great now, as far as percentages go.

    I think your composition is good as well as the subject matter but that without the lighting there is a distracting mono quality to the shot. I've had plenty of hours spent waiting for the light show to begin and accentuate the subject or even use the color of the sunset to be a primary player and then get nothing as sun hides itself on the cloudy horizon.

    Join the club of "maybe next time", which is not what anyone especially me wants to hear as this will happen to me again, you can bet on it. On a recent trip to Hawaii this happened to me plenty of times. There were shots that I planned that never happened or if I did take them the lighting stunk or if may have rained that day. The disappointing fact is that you've traveled or spent some time thinking and planning shots and it goes in a diferent direction than you've planned.....chalk it up to "it's a part of life" and don't feel too bad if there is no response to what you may consider a great shot. I've shown a number of them on this site but the response isn't that great or maybe in someone elses mind the shot isn't that great, they just haven't seen how bad the rest of the shots are and the one I've posted looked great ..... compared to the rest.
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