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CF card to get for birding and which one?

Discussion in 'Birds' started by GeeJay, Oct 30, 2005.

  1. GeeJay


    Jan 26, 2005
    I went to Ding Darling today and went through all my cards. I used two 2GB cards and two 1GB cards today..Seemed like all I did was change cards. I shoot in RAW only.

    Which CF card do you use and what size works best for all that bird shooting we do in Florida? And how many do you use on a day in the wetlands?

    Thanks very much,

  2. Gaye,

    I don't shoot birds but want to however, for others pictures, I use the Sandisc 4g card and it holds a lot of pictures. Even high res ones.

    Hope this helps you.
  3. Gaye,
    I use sandisk extreme III 4GB for these type of shoots and generaly go thru one each 1/2 day of shooting. I have 2 of them plus a number of lexar pro 80x 1GB for back up. At lunch time I move the files from the CF to my coolwalker so I have at least 2 of the 4GB on hand if needed. not a cheap solution as I believe they cost about 439 each but it solved my problem that you are currently experiencing. I shoot raw +jpg basic.
  4. GeeJay


    Jan 26, 2005
    Thanks Dave and Melissa,

    That's good information-- thanks-- I hadn't thought of the 4GB card.. I needed a whole pocketful of them today.
  5. I agree with Dave up in Powatan that the sSandisk III works well. That is the one to go for and then instead of buying many cards get the Epson P-2000 so that you download the full card and move on then when full again, then download again. You will get more worth your money instead of having to buy all of these CF cards and worrying about losing them.

    Hope this info helps you,
  6. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Hi Gaye,
    Hope your recovering from the last storm ok.

    I use Lexar 80 cards.Suposed to be the fastest.
    Most I use on a shoot usually is 3 gigs. a 2 gig and a 1 gig.
    Don't have fast machine gun :<((.. Then I could prob use three times as many.
  7. Save on cost of cards and get a portable hard drive :smile: 2-3 1GB 80x Lexars is all you need. Pop in and pop out into the hard drive, by the time your done the next card, switch again, takes 5 seconds to switch cards to download while you put a fresh card back in the camera. A normal hard drive is 40GB's or so, great for travelling with as well and comes with rechargeable lithium battery. Much easier too when it comes post processing time :smile:
    Worth thinking about..............
  8. JMartin

    JMartin Guest


    While helping my friend on his modeling shoot, I learned one very valuable lesson... well, several really, but one pertaining to your question.

    I have 2 512mb cards and 2 1gb cards (3 of which are Lexar 40x and 80x), back then I had just the 2 512s and my friend had a 2gb card. As we were shooting, it made it much easier for me to shoot one card, transfer it to the computer and burn CDs for the client at the same time I was shooting, saving time after we were done shooting.

    Before our training with Ron, I bought the first 1gb card and now that they have dropped under $100 (last one I bought was $98 with a $40 rebate) 1gb is the smallest I will buy.
  9. Gaye, CFCs are never enough...

    I use a Wolverine 60GB FlashPac 7000 to relief them when full and I think that's the only and most secure way to work, even if there was a 20GB CFC around... :wink:
  10. Gaye,

    I use a PD70X to store my images during a shoot. It's a battery operated 40Gb hard drive. It cost me $179.00 with the hard drive installed and all you then need is two "any size" CF cards; one in the camera and one being transferred to the PD70X. This thing transfers at 16MB per second so it goes pretty quick. Far more cost effective then large CF cards or CF size hard drives...

    Here's a link: (I noticed that the price has been increased. I guess I got a good deal!)
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