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Challenge #5 Official Results Thread ...

Discussion in 'Challenge and Contests Forum' started by Boobie Joe, Apr 14, 2005.

  1. Very tight result, congradulations to everyone who participated, this was quite an experience and a fun crowd.

    I am very happy to pass the next Challenge to:

    Hans ... His picture scored 36 points and won the challenge

    nfoto was a close second with 34 points

    Pbendheim was third with 28 points

    DaoDang was fourth with 25 points

    This was the challenge with the most participants so far and with the most voters as well.

    I am sure Hans will pick up something to keep this trend going.

    If you need any help Hans, just PM me ...

  2. Congratulations to Hans and the other winners. This was indeed a fine group of images and the voting was difficult because of it. Also, wanted to again thank Yves for conducting his second competition - WELL DONE MY FRIEND
  3. Ditto to Gordon's comments!

    Also, I have a question, to Yves and the community at large: what is an abstract? :?:

    I feel I may have totally missed the mark with my entry, but that's alright. I can learn... can't I? ;-) To me abstract meant either a portion of a physical subject that is not directly recognizable from its detail (hans' fence for example), or something that conveys an idea, more than the representation of a physical subject.

    Please, enlighten me!
  4. Alright Hans! A very worthy winner. Congrats to everyone who placed in the top 5.

    Looking forward to the next challenge,

  5. Congrats

    Well done Hans. :lol:

    I am looking forward to the next competition, pick a good one.

    Stu :D 
  6. MontyDog


    Jan 30, 2005
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  7. F15Todd


    Feb 1, 2005
    Congratulation Hans and to everyone that played this round. The Challenge is both fun to enter and to host, I can't wait to see what Hans has instore for us.
  8. Wow, a real cliff hanger!!
    Hartelijk gefeliciteerd, Hans :D 
  9. Congratulations Hans and to all participants :!: Thanks Yves for this challenge. It was very fun and I think the long period of submission is a good thing to be repeated. I'm looking forward for Hans contest.
  10. This was was my first participation and I appreciated the high level of quality in the submissions and comments. Congrats to the pick of the crop, and to the the sower, Yves.
    Can only look foward for the next theme.

    As for Philippe's question, well, I'm not a theorician in photography, simply an addicted amateur, but his asking allows me to share my own view. My definition would be closer to his first proposition to which I would add that an abstract will emphasize the graphical aspect of a subject (lines, patterns, rythm) to the point of masking it's documentary content. As for Philippe's second proposition, I would be tempted to stamp it more as symbolism. JMHO, and passing the frizbee around...
  11. Congratulations Hans! Way to go!! Congratulations to everyone for making this a fun and interesting challenge. :)  :)  :)  :)  :) 
  12. NeilCam


    Feb 21, 2005
    Ottawa, Ontario
    Congratulations Hans!! Well done. Also congratulations to all who competed and a special thanks to Yves for such a well run contest.

    I look forward to the next one.

  13. Leigh


    Feb 19, 2005
    Congrats to Hans! Great job. Also, thanks Yves for a challenging contest. I enjoyed participating and look forward to the next contest. Good show everyone...let's see what you have for the next go-'round...can we get more entries and votes this time?
  14. I think you pretty much nailed it with the first assesment ...
  15. Congratulations to ALL !.

    In the next Contests, can we repost first 3 winners with their pictures ? For those who didn't follow the submission thread, one has to go and look through all pictures to find a winner.

    Just an idea :) 
  16. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Congrats Hans, Bjorn and Peter! Well done, and it was a pleasure to vote for you all! Now I'm eagerly waiting for the next challenge.

    Way to go!!!
  17. Thanks Yves. Here is a list of definitions for the word abstract, from Dictionary.com:

    1. Considered apart from concrete existence: an abstract concept.
    2. Not applied or practical; theoretical. See Synonyms at theoretical.
    3. Difficult to understand; abstruse: abstract philosophical problems.
    4. Thought of or stated without reference to a specific instance: abstract words like truth and justice.
    5. Impersonal, as in attitude or views.
    6. Having an intellectual and affective artistic content that depends solely on intrinsic form rather than on narrative content or pictorial representation: abstract painting and sculpture.

    From that, it looks like the challenge theme was referring to #6, and I took it to mean #1 (unless it was #3! :lol:) .

    At any rate, it was a great experience: thanks for choosing this theme and congrats again to Hans, Bjorn and Peter... and everyone else! 8)
  18. hans


    Feb 5, 2005
    The Netherlands
    Well what can I say,I'm speechless,after 45 years I"m actually the first in an individual contest,sure played some baseball and won a few games but that's the team

    Thank you all and to be honest I'm a little proud ,never,NEVER thought that my photo could win this challance.

    Please give me until Sunday to think of a new challance,first I have to recover from this!!!!

    Thank you Yves for this great event.
  19. Yay congrats to the winners!
  20. Congrats folks, well done!

    I second that, Jay. I think that a repost with the three winners, and their names is a terrific idea - saves searching back to remind oneself of the pics. Cheers, S
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