Challenge #61- Topic Thread

Mar 27, 2008
SW Ohio
I want to thank Dave Dickerson for hosting the last challenge and all that though highly enough of work to place first and have the honor of hosting this Challenge. Without further ado I give you the topic of challenge #61.........Drum roll please....................


Here is what has to say about spring...

spring (sprng)
v. sprang (sprng) or sprung (sprng), sprung, spring·ing, springs

1. To move upward or forward in a single quick motion or a series of such motions; leap.
2. To move suddenly on or as if on a spring: The door sprang shut. The emergency room team sprang into action.
3. To appear or come into being quickly: New businesses were springing up rapidly. See Synonyms at stem1.
4. To issue or emerge suddenly: A cry sprang from her lips. A thought springs to mind.
5. To extend or curve upward, as an arch.
6. To arise from a source; develop.
7. To become warped, split, or cracked. Used of wood.
8. To move out of place; come loose, as parts of a mechanism.
9. Slang To pay another's expenses: He offered to spring for the dinner.
1. To cause to leap, dart, or come forth suddenly.
2. To jump over; vault.
3. To release from a checked or inoperative position; actuate: spring a trap.
a. To cause to warp, split, or crack, as a mast.
b. To bend by force.
5. To present or disclose unexpectedly or suddenly: "He sprung on the world this novel approach to political journalism" Curtis Wilkie.
6. Slang To cause to be released from prison or other confinement.

1. An elastic device, such as a coil of wire, that regains its original shape after being compressed or extended.
2. An actuating force or factor; a motive.
a. Elasticity; resilience.
b. Energetic bounce: a spring to one's step.
4. The act or an instance of jumping or leaping.
5. A usually rapid return to normal shape after removal of stress; recoil.
6. A small stream of water flowing naturally from the earth.
7. A source, origin, or beginning.
a. The season of the year, occurring between winter and summer, during which the weather becomes warmer and plants revive, extending in the Northern Hemisphere from the vernal equinox to the summer solstice and popularly considered to comprise March, April, and May.
b. A time of growth and renewal.
9. A warping, bending, or cracking, as that caused by excessive force.
10. Architecture The point at which an arch or vault rises from its support.

1. Of or acting like a spring; resilient.
2. Having or supported by springs: a spring mattress.
a. Of, relating to, occurring in, or appropriate to the season of spring: spring showers; spring planting.
b. Grown during the season of spring: spring

So there you have it. The shooting will start immediately and go to 2359 GMT 27 March 2009
(Mods this is 3 weeks, if you think its too long let me know but spring doesnt offically start till 21 March...:wink:).
I hope if it doesnt look like the season spring around your area you can use your imagination and persue another interpretation.
Lastly have fun!
Mar 27, 2008
SW Ohio
Of course you can enter (and win)! Sorry for the delay if you've not heard form anyone else before this post - it slipped us by.
Your the first Paul. Thanks for the answer. Im a little out of my element for now, but Ill see what I can come up with.
Sep 17, 2006

Are you really a cowboy? I was recently in Texas and had a chance to watch a rodeo...that's a tough life, if you ask me...
Dec 14, 2008
Clovis, NM, USA

Are you really a cowboy? I was recently in Texas and had a chance to watch a rodeo...that's a tough life, if you ask me...
:biggrin: No, I had a dog named Cowboy a whole lot of years ago, and the first time I needed a user name for a forum, everything I tried was already taken, so I tried Bovineguy, it seemed like a good name and it worked. So I have used it now for over 15 years. But you are right, it is a tough life. I do ride, have owned a number of horses over the years, I've worked cattle, grew up on a small ranch, but I would never call myself a Cowboy.

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