Changes lens size?

Jun 20, 2008
This is just going to be a quick vauge post, since im in a hurry, but i hope that i get enough out there that everyone understands and can answer.

i was listening to a video and i think it was about the D80, it said something like a 18-55mm lens ends up actually being something like 27-82mm, because of the sensor size, like 1.6x greater. Can someone explain this for me or something. thanks :)
Aug 19, 2006
Sunny Dorset, England
The focal length of the lens does not change, it's the field of view that changes. This is due to the majority of the 'consumer' DSLR's being fitted with sensors that are smaller than the 'full-frame' 35mm area.
Only the centre part of the image circle is used.

whyhan's link explians it pretty well...

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