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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Chris C, Jul 3, 2005.

  1. I'm still learning about

    How do I rearrange the order of pictures in an existing file without meticulously picking them out one by one and creating a new file?
  2. If you have a Mac, in the Finder, go to the View menu, then>Arrange, and choose your preference. Pics need to be Icons to do this.

    If you have a PC, sorry Chris, I can't even find the On switch for those. I've used a Mac from 1986, never a PC.
  3. Thanks for responding so quickly, Peter. I'm using Windows XP Pro. Maybe someone else can help me.
  4. I just click and drag them in the order that I want them.
  5. dbirdsong

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    Smart man...
  6. I've clicked and dragged until my draggin' finger is raw..........doesn't work.
  7. jfrancis


    May 8, 2005
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    Open the folder with the files you want to sort in Explorer. Go to the View menu. Select "Arrange Icons By" and pick your sort method.
  8. If you turn off Auto Arrange (by removing the check mark), you can move them however you like:

  9. Greg, thanks! I couldn't get the Auto Arrange to change from gray to black. Then I realized you had your pictures displayed as thumbnails. (I didn't even realize I could do that!) As soon as I changed to thumbnails, I was able to rearrange their order. Thanks a million for your patience.

  10. I'm glad it worked out. If you turn Auto Arrange back on, you should be able to just drag the pictures in the order you want and still look neat and tidy. I forgot to mention to do that, thumbnail view needed to be enabled.
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