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Changing Season...pic

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Doug Barber, Nov 4, 2005.

  1. Greetings all;
    This is an image that I got yesterday while I was kicking around northern Canada....

    With all the talk about new gear.... I'm thinking I'll hang on to my old junk as it still seems to work.
    Shot with a 17 - 35 lens hung on an (old) D2H

    Hope you enjoy

    Larger copy here:

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  2. this is indeed magical Doug. No worries on your gear, you "see"
  3. Really nice, Doug - where was this taken? How far north have you been? I lived in Frobisher Bay, Baffin Island for a year - waaaay above the tree line!
  4. Doug,

    Good to see you you again. Your work never ceases to amaze me and this is not an exception. I enjoy all of your work. Very nice b/w (?) picture. Thanks for sharing with us Doug.
  5. Diane, wherever that is, it sounds very cold to me. So what brought you to Sunny Florida? I bet sunny weather year round. right???
  6. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Could be this LCD monitor. But something about the scene beyond the rocks, I am not quite getting. Looks to soft.

    what am I missing. ????

    Great image and love the lighting. ...Hummmmm
  7. That was another life, Melissa . . .

    a loooong story - it's a few hundred miles south of the Arctic Circle - Eastern Canadian Arctic. Cold but beautiful. Canadian by birth but U.S. citizen for years now. :smile:


  8. Hi Daine:
    Yes Frobisher Bay is now called Iqauit and that happend about 15 years ago give or take. I have been there several times and was last there about 3 months ago. I lived in the north for 20+ years and still have busiess interests in the north.
    This shot was taken in northern Manitoba near Chruchill.
    Thanks for looking in and commenting.
  9. Hi Dave...
    Yes the old gear still seems to work. so I guess I'll keep it till it dies.
    thanks again
  10. Hi Mellisa:
    Thanks for the kind words... Yes it (sort) of a B&W with a toning filter applied over top to bring a little color back up.
  11. I'm glad I'm not the only one who needed to look at this scene more than once to figure it out. And hell I was standing there.
    The image is not really soft but there is some DOF coming into play. More important the water had a thin layer of ice and then ground fog that gave me the trail type effect leading the viewers eye to the building at the top of the scene.
    The image really does not look all that great in such a small form. But I’ve been having a problem with photo theft from my PBase site so I started reducing my image size on the net as I'm tired of finding me images in places they should not be.
  12. Would love to pick your brain sometime . . .

    I was there '58-'59 - worked for the government - met the love of my life there - many fond memories of the Inuit people. Lived in a "512" (512 sq.ft house). Your picture reminds me of the terrain a little except for the trees in the distance.


  13. Doug, the more I look at it, the more I find how meticulous you're to craft such moody and magical picture. Appreciates your example of how to use an enlighted central area to lead viewer's eye into the picture.
  14. Hi Dao:
    Good to here from you again...
    Hope all is well on your end of the country. I just walked in from the shop and boy are we ever in the middle of a snowstorm up here. I could not see farther than my hand. It will be a winter wonderland in the morning...

    When I took this image I sat on the rocks for a bit just figuring out how was the best way to not just meter the scene, but also to get the angles and sight lines I wanted. I just wish the darn log building (on the far side of the bay) was not so far. I would have liked to move it a little forward into the scene I know I could do that in PS but would be cheating...lol
    Thanks again for looking in and I hope all is well in Montréal.
  15. Hi Doug, everythinf is well in Montréal. Thanks for asking. Winter already there... well, are we living in a winter country or not. Looking for first snow landscapes here.
  16. Doug,

    I can't believe idiots are stealing pictures again. There was a member on retouching dpr that stole a picture and then had the nerve to admit and post it on the forum. Eventually everyone convinced him that was not the right thing to do and he then contacted the owner who was real upset. I can't blame the owner. That is stealing no matter what it is called.
  17. Wonderful moody image Doug.
    Forget about the "junk" stigma you put on your equipment. Your D2h and the 17-35 are as good as when you got them.
    I use my 17-35 often on my D1x and have classics like: AF 300 / 2.8 - AF 85 / 1.8 - AF 35-70 / 2.8 etc. I surely don't feel handicapped about my equipment and have no NEED for anything else at all.
  18. Well I guess it takes call kinds to make up our world....
  19. Hi Frits:
    Yes I put my gear down very much with tongue in cheek. The gear I have is the gear I want. That is not to say there is not better and newer and all those things. I just don't need it and will be quit happy with what I have until I decide different.
    Mind you a 600 mm nikkor would be good if anyone wants to lend it to me for a year or two....lol

    Thanks for the kind words on the image.
  20. Hey Doug,

    Great moody pic. It takes several looks to grasp what is really going on, with the fog there. Well done, sir! :biggrin:

    It's a real shame that people would grab things, just because they can. Where are the morals? How do you go about finding your pics (ab)used in places where they shouldn't be? Thanks!
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