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Cheating Lens Lust Disease

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by Uncle Frank, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. I've got a kit of 4 fine Nikkor lenses, and each has a special purpose:

    The Beast (28-70/2.8D) for... everything in its range
    The 80-200/2.8D (two ring) for sports, wildlife, and candids
    The 60/2.8 micro for closeups, macros, and tabletop work
    The Button (20/2.8D), intended for wide scapes and group portraits, but it doesn't get used much.

    When I want to travel light, I tuck The Beast and the 80-200/2.8 my little Tamron Expedition 4 backpack, and I'm good to go. But that's overkill for local travel. Heck, just taking The Beast is daunting for a trip to the store.

    But what to do for a walkaround lens? I've owned the 24-120VR, and looked at options like the Tamron 18-200, the nikon 24-85, etc. But these lenses are slow, and you have to accept optical compromises that I'm unprepared to make, spoiled as I am by my good glass. So I've decided to audition the Button as my local lens, and it passed with flying colors today :) .

    As I left the house, I stopped to take a snapshot of the latest rosebud popping up.

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    Then I headed off the to golf course to hit a practice bucket in preparation for Wednesday's tournament. Unfortunately, I was involved in a car accident on the way over. The lady just ahead of me turned the corner, and then, for some odd reason, stopped rather than merging. I had turned my head to check for cross traffic as I made the turn, and couldn't stop in time to avoid hitting her rear bumper at about 2 miles an hour. I was glad to have the camera on the front seat so I could document the damage for my insurance company.

    View attachment 12236

    After we exchanged insurance cards and my heart rate came back to normal, I continued to the golf course, and banged out a small bucket. The range was pretty crowded today.

    View attachment 12237

    It brought back fond memories to see this dad taking his young son out on the par 3 course.

    View attachment 12238

    And as I was walking over to the clubhouse, I took a shot of this foreboding electrical tower.

    View attachment 12239

    My final shot of the day (so far) was my big head driver. I have no fear of the course when it's working for me.

    View attachment 12240

    The 20/2.8 may work out for local travel. The zoom range is pretty limited, but it's very light, and delivers "no compromise" images. And the best part is I get to cheat Lens Lust Disease, cause I already own it 8).
  2. Frank, nice series. Don't worry, as you have taught us all, LLD will rear it's ugly head again. Probably when you least expect it.
  3. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Nice pix Frank, especially the father and son team. Guess you took Bjørn's comment to heart, eh? Suddenly I'm feeling all consumptive with my 6 1/2 lenses.

    Thank goodness for the 5 mph bumper, eh?

    PS, Glass is a non-renewable resource! ;) 
  4. Some nice pics here Frank, and very surprising of you with that WA lens of yours! 8) ;-)

    Glad that the accident was very minor: still, that kind of event raises the heartbeat a few notches, doesn't it?

    I wouldn't go as far as calling the 20 f/2.8 the "Button" though, because it's slightly bigger than a 35 f/2 or a 50 f/1.4 or f/1.8, and probably some others... I think the Button should be reserved to the 45P f/2.8: it's not only very small (much smaller than the 20mm), it's also cute... as a Button! ;-) :lol:
  5. Thanks, Scott. Btw, I'm finding 20mm lenses are particularly good for dog pics.

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  6. Nice dog pic Frank. I was think of a 10.5mm for dog pics and closeups of my family. :) 
  7. Nice set of shots - shows the versatility of the short lens really well. I find a 24-70 too much to carry round whe just popping out, so I'm looking at a short lens - was tempted by a 50 f1.8, but the 20 looks good.

    Descisions, descisions...!

    Nice to see the Dad got his kid to carry the big bag - nice touch !

    Thanks for sharing.
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