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Check your records please.

Discussion in 'Apple/Mac' started by travelphotoclimber, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. I mentioned in another post that my PowerBook G4 is on the fritz. I was told that it was not worth replacing. So, I am making a claim on my homeowner's policy to see what they may grant for a replacement.

    Does anyone have any idea what the original cost would be for a

    15" PowerBook G4
    60GB HD
    1 GB SDRAM Memory
    1 GHz Processor

    OK, just called Apple and they could not give me a figure, but estimated it to be about $2500. This is kinda what I remember, but does this sound right?

    I'm all of you kept better records than Apple and me!

    Any help would be appreciated.
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  2. Unless there has been some demonstrable damage through no fault of your own or an actual loss (through theft) of your PB, your homeowner's insurance may not cover replacing your PB. (I haven't read your other thread so don't know of it's on the fritz due to, say, lightning damage or something similar.)

    I can say that when it comes to trying to put in claims for something it's amazing how the insurance companies can manage to avoid covering a loss. This past weekend my driver's side car window was smashed and the perp helped himself to my portable GPS navigation system. The auto insurance folks were willing to cover the damage to the car window (necessary replacement of it) but they said they don't cover portable GPS navigation systems because that is not an integral part of the car. Had the entire car been stolen, then, yes, they would have covered it. So I checked with my homeowner's insurance. Turns out that my deductible was pretty much the entire replacement cost of the unit. Sigh....

    I can't answer what the original cost would have been for your G4 PB (which revison?) but I can suggest that chances are that the insurance company -- IF they will pay you anything -- will not be giving you anywhere near whatever you paid for the machine at the time it was new. They are more than likely going to look at resale values and unfortunately, the resale value of a PB with those specs now is pretty sad..... I recently sold my fully loaded top-of-the-line PB (last version just before the first intel MBPs) and took a whopping loss on it.

    Lesson learned from this for you: keep your receipts for all big-ticket items in an accessible place for easy retrieval so that when you need to file an insurance claim you have the proof of purchase and exact info handy. (This being said by the woman who had to rummage through several drawers before FINALLY finding the documents needed for my own claim for the GPS!) Second lesson to learn: it really doesn't matter what you paid for a given item when it comes time to sell it or to make an insurance claim, as you will not get back anywhere near what you spent for it in the first place.

    ETA: OK, I looked through earlier posts to see what the problem with your PB is. I found references to the hinges falling apart? I hate to break the news to you but I doubt very seriously that your homeowner's insurance will cover that. They more than likely would term this "normal wear-and-tear." (Or possibly even abusive wear-and-tear) They have specific guidelines for what they term "covered losses," and I really don't think that this falls into any of their categories. Of course I may be wrong and I hope I AM wrong!
  3. I homeowner's insurance covers things that break, then I have a backlog of decades of dead appliances to submit claims for! :biggrin:
  4. According to Everymac.com (very handy site!), it says this:
    Original Price: US$1999 Est. Current Retail: US$850-US$950
  5. So, guess I siad something right. My insurance company called Apple and the replacement cost is $1995. My deductible is $100 ... check for $1895 on the way.

    Go figure?

    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 14, 2007
  6. No Way! You are one lucky dog! I am also so surprised!

    Now you only owe about $1800 for an awesome NEW Macbook Pro!!

    No more claims however on your homeowners ... it will go up! Save it for something big!

    Good luck, and enjoy!!

  7. Don't be surprised if your insurance premiums go through the roof now, or they drop you all together... and I'm serious, look into it. There is a new motto in the Home Insurance industry - "Use it and Lose it".

    My deductible is $2500, my insurance payment is miniscule... I only need catastrophic coverage.

  8. WOW!!!! Now THAT is amazing!! I am really surprised at this. Congratulations!!

    However, yes, watch out that you don't get a sudden increase in your premiums or are dropped altogether. That happened to me a few years ago when I had a claim. The insurance company paid, but then they dropped me almost immediately after. That certainly made it difficult to find coverage elsewhere!

    In my current situation, when I contacted my homeowner's insurance, an adjuster did call me back but by then I had realized that the amount to be covered was about the same as my deductible anyway, so I decided not to file a claim. In the meantime, since my policy was coming up for renewal next month, I also sat down and reviewed things thoroughly, and made the decision to change to Traveler's so that I could also take advantage of their additional blanket policy for camera equipment, which is much better coverage than I had with my other homeowers' policy. I was able to increase my coverage and still get a decent price for the premium.
  9. I hear that a lot, but have been with this company 30+ yrs and only made one auto claim, however recently. A grader was plowing my side of the road 2 winters ago and plowed me too! No signs ... yada yada. "We are contracted to plow both sides of the road" Ahhh!

    We shall see if me premiums go up. Doubt it though.
  10. I didn't know that they had homeowner's insurance that covered things that simply break.
  11. Who said it simply broke?

    I think Gale used the proper terminology "abusive wear and tear":eek: 

    Catastrophic cord and coffee table incident!:rolleyes: 

    Heck, it may bite me in long long run.
  12. It was me who referred to "abusive wear-and-tear...." I am a little confused here about exactly WHAT your situation was, as I had the impression from your other posts that your reason for needing/wanting to replace your PB was something to do with hinges and now you're saying that you reported to the insurance company that there was an incident with cord and coffee table? I'm guessing you mean you told them that you caught your foot/leg in the computer's cord while it was on the coffee table and the machine wound up on the floor, significantly damaged?

  13. Sorry Connie, I did know it was you that responded, not sure why I said Gale. You always answer with great info, so thanks.

    You got it ... not worth the repair. The tech told me to put the dinosaur to rest. I called my insurance company to find out about putting a wood stove and how it would change my rates. In passing I told them about the puter woos. It was their suggestion to file a claim as I had forgotten about my computer rider! Go figure
  14. Boy, that was a lucky deal for you! Enjoy your new MBP when it arrives! :smile:

    Heh, with the new magnetic power supply port on the MBP, no more tripping over the power cable and causing fatal damage, as it will immediately detach itself from the machine, keeping the computer safe and sound!
  15. Hey! I'm really a clutz! Well, guess i am.

    I do have airport Extreme and won't need a cord mostly. With the broken battery box, I could not unplug the laptop without it shutting off. I will be free again!

    That magnetic cord really looks like a nice feature ... for guys with 3 left feet!:wink:
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