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  1. Went to a pool party at a buddies house and wasn't even planning on taking any pics. I had my D300 and 200-400 in my truck but no monopod.
    Little Oliver wanted his own beer bottles so the parents washed a couple out and gave a couple to him. I just had to grab the camera.

    Great captures , just not sure if the focus was off or if it was motion blur from hand holding. Next time I'll be prepared. Saturations off a little on the second one, but I just love the last one.


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  2. 1. cool shots
    2. cute kid
    3. and... here's my "PEDIATRICIAN" coming out in me: i always LOVE it when parents (who've been drinking beer) let their kids play with glass bottles... :eek:.:redface:.:rolleyes:.:tongue:.:biggrin:

    off my rant now
    still happy for the thread and images
  3. Leigh


    Feb 19, 2005
    He's cute, yes....but..."Oh dear" is right.
  4. Oh Dear, and again - Oh Dear. If he banged that bottle to his head-geeez
    The white balance is off so the color tones are not correct or consistent.