Chicago Air & Water Show - Practice Pics

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  1. Just few pics from today's practice = Show will be Fri-Sun and I am sure that much better pics will be posted by the Cafe members in attendance.

    All taken with a D300 and 18-200 with a Nikon CPL (but few with a 10-20 Sigma). S-priority (@1000) and auto iso (max 400) to help with the (relatively limited) aperture of the 18-200. Minimal PP (not much time).

    The practice was from 11AM - 4PM and was dominated by the Blue Angels. Brief appeareance of a 4 small props with sponsors colors/insignia and one cargo (c130?) which is the Blue Angels support.

    AM: mostly passages of 4 Angels .... PM: the Angels (6 of them) went over all their show. There were not too many people and, due to the breeze on the beach. it was a very enjoyable experience for the kids and me and my wife (+MIL).

    It was a beautiful day in Chicago sunny and cool .....



    ..... found a nice spot on the beach ......


    .... and waited


    for this .....

    Angel01. .....








    Not many photographers out there ..... just this rebellious :eek:  guy (at least around me)


    Four prop carrying the sponsors' colors showed up in the PM


    .... along with the Angels support C130 (I think)


    ..... and the waterman ($1 per bottle :eek: ) - Not bad considering what it costs at the ball park! :rolleyes: 


    We met a couple of nice USAF pilots walking the beach preparing for their piece ....


    ..... and that was it

    Overall, a nice day spent at the beach with the family.

    I hope you enjoyed the pics.
  2. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    Very nice, just the right stuff to wet the whistle. Weather looks perfect today and tomorrow, too. I'm looking forward to bursting away. Thanks for sharing your images.
  3. kgilby


    Oct 2, 2007
    Great shots frankier, nicely done with the 18-200. I was there for about an hour or so and didn't get nearly as many good shots as you did. I'm going to try to get there again this afternoon to see if I can improve a bit.
  4. Guys, you are welcome. I had fun shooting and putting the pics out here....

    Look forward to your reportage.:smile:
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