Chicago - Millineum Park

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    Just a ton of things from the sunrise over Lake Michigan to the architecture as a background of the Great Jellybean. I recently went to my hometown Chicago and just had a blast in the park. It was so much going on. From catching a butterfly on a blade of grass to getting a kid chasing a ball. And with one of the most artistic skylines in the country I walked away with a ton of pictures!

    With all the things planned it literally is non-stop photography I think for a lot of different mediums. I even had a photographer walk up to me and asked me what was I go after! lol

    Can't wait to go back in the winter! Less going on but it's the city. It'll be plenty of pictures to take. I suspect it's like being out west or down south where there are plenty of open fields covered with snow and maybe a shack there floating on top all alone. :wink: