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Discussion in 'People' started by Beezle, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. Converted my D70 to IR only. Been experimenting with flash and IR, and so far, I think I like it.

    Color wise, I am using a preset WB and leaving it at that. I am seeing different results from different lenses, which I find interesting.

  2. nfoto

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    Nice. Did you know IR is reflected partly from beneath the upper skin layer? This adds a glowing unique quality to IR portraits.
  3. I did not, and thanks again for turning me on to flash as an IR source.

    I have a nice big Elinchrom waiting to be tried with this camera for portraits.
  4. The eyes make it look other worldly. It does have a nice glow to the skin but not sure it will replace a normal portrait.
  5. I agree about the eyes. I am trying to find a process to apply to them that makes them appear more "normal."

    Already had a friend ask why I am trying to make my children's eyes appear blue. :rolleyes:

    One problem I run into when I try to adjust the eyes is the image starts to look very "glamor," and frankly I find such images of children to be too much.
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