Chinatown -Fuji x100

haha, thanks guys. Im really excited about this camera.

Hopefully one day nikon develops something like this one day, I feel like a traitor haha.
My First ever digital camera was a Fuji Finepix 4700. It is/was a horrible digital camera, but was impressive at the time. 2.1MP bumped to 4.7 because of Fuji's supposedly advanced SuperCCD tech.

It'd be almost symbolic if I go back to them now in a Full Frame camera.
But the x100 isn't Full Frame.
Very true, but it thinks it is. At ISO3200, I see little or no difference between it and the D700. Noise—what there is of it—has much more the feeling of film grain. Even at such a high ISO setting, I have done some pretty aggressive cropping an still got reasonable quality.
Huh...interesting. A review mentioned it's full frame. Nevermind then, I should've read the specs myself.

Slightly less interested now, although it's still a very delicious-looking camera.

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