Civil War Re-enactment, Clinton Georgia, 15 pics!!

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  1. These pics are from the Civil War Days in Clinton Georgia. Each Year they re-enact the battle of Sunshine Church, a confederate victory over Gen. Sherman's army as it marched to Savannah Georgia, and the Battle of Griswoldville, A Northern victory, over the home guard of old men and children defending the Confederate gun works. Everything is accurate.

    The pics were taken mostly with a 200/400 MM. It seems that every chance I have a chance to get out with this lens the sun fails me. I was shooting from the edge of the battlefield, in deep grass, and think the grass, created a nice effect in some shots. After I save for web in PS, the pics seem to look flat. Anyone have a away around this?
    Comments and criticisms welcome

    Civil War Camp
    1 78418436.

    2 78418432.

    3 78418438.

    4 Before the Battle

    5 Sizing Up the Enemy

    6 78418443.


    7 View attachment 94285

    8 Battle of Griswoldville

    9 Fire at Will!

    10 A fatal Charge

    11 Attacking the Artillery Battery
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    12 Tending the Wounded and Dead

    13 Chaplin

    14 Fog of War

    15 Smoke of The Battle
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