Classic Chris Crafts from Lake Hopatcong

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by steve f, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. Every year the Yacht Club at Lake Hopatcong in northern NJ hosts a Classic Boat Show. Most are Chris Crafts, but other makes and models are there as well.

    This year I got to the show very late and a lot of the exhibitors had already left. It was a very hot day, 90 plus, with high humidity as well.

    I had also hoped to meet a fellow cafe member (Larry form Connecticut), but he was gone by the time I got there. Also missed seeing his nikon cafe hat.

    Anyway, here are a few of the shots I did get that Saturday. There are a few more on my website.




  2. Steve,

    Clearly you're a "Bow" man. Personally, I have a thing for sterns.

    Nice, shots.

  3. Larry,

    Given the tough light that late in the afternoon, the bows were definitely easier to work with. But, here's a stern shot for you.


  4. Steve,


  5. Larry,

    Is there anything you can tell me about the Chris Craft with the Coca Cola cooler? Length, Year manufactured etc??

    I think I'm going to enter it in a photo contest here in NJ and I wanted to have a little background on it.


  6. Steve,

    The boat your're looking for is, "Friend-Ship", owned by Mike Smith and Dan Frey. It is a 1954 Chris~Craft, 17' Utility.

    Here's another view of the boat:

  7. Chris Craft did make some beautiful boats and you have captured them well. Thanks for the memories.
  8. Larry,

    That's her. Thank you for the info. Not sure if the folks running the photo contest need it, but I have it now just in case.


    Thanks for the kind words.

  9. Steve,

    You're most welcome.

  10. Ken-L

    Ken-L Guest

    These are the boats of "my youth"! The classic Chris Crafts are what come to my mind whenever I think of speed boats - great shots.
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