Classic Ford from Australia.

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by bestgolfer, Sep 5, 2008.

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    Noticed this today at the local golf club...I am an English car type, so not too familiar with this model....but it looked good.
  2. Ron

    It's a 55 Fairlane with right hand drive. A lot of rhd vehicles were exported from Canada. I have seen an origional rhd 64 Chevy Belair in Minnesota. It had a rhd 62 pontiac dash factory installed and was used for mail delivery. Nice capture BTW. Thanks for sharing.........


  3. Very cool car and a great shot .... haven't seen a RHD '55 before.

  4. Nice looking Ford Ron... Great shot...

    Hey Ted, the 50's Ford Fairlane's in the States / Canada were known as Ford Customlines here in Oz until about 59, I think, when they then released what we called the "Barge" Fairlaine...
    First of the Fords here in Oz running a 9" diff. The next one released was known as a "Compact" Fairlane...
    Just a little history into the Fairlane's here... ;o))
  5. Wally

    Thanks for the info, I don't really follow the automotive trends down under. It's not until Holden starts supplying platforms for cars like the GTO that we take notice. I can tell you the old school rear wheel drive guys here sure envy all the rwd vehicles produced in OZ..........