Click Hopper and friends.

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  1. 200 f4 micro and top secret flash bracket and SB-800 with mini-softbox and a couple of layers of milk jug on the SB-600.

    The SB-800 is set to itt-bll and the SB-600 is on manual, I use one of those flash bases with a sync cord for the SB-600 and amazingly it works well. 1/500 f22 handheld.
    This is a crop from the above picture, not bad for f22

    Bald Faced Hornet cleaning his leg, this one is cropped.
    Reversed 28 and SB-800.

    Small Moth.
    Reversed 28 and SB-800.
  2. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005

    You are an absolute inspiration. I just love these shots. I can't wait to get my hands on the Tamron 180, so I can try my hand at shots like these. 8)

    Where did you track all of these monsters down?
  3. Really neat Martin....I am on my trip or I would say more...!!!!!!! :)
  4. You will do well with that 180, the shorter macro lenses are nice when the 180 or 200 is just too long for the situation or if you want the wider perspective but 99 percent of the time I will reach for the 200 when going creature hunting and for flowers its great because you have more background control.

    These three and the froglets I have been posting are from accross the street from my house there is a frog pond that is just drying up for the summer and the dryland creatures are moving into it now. The Cedar Waxwings are from there also. depending on the time of year there are Ducks, Bald Eagles, Hummingbirds, Red Wing Black Birds, its a good little spot.

    Thanks Frank

  5. Thanks Mike, hows the trip coming, and when are you going to head up this way, just turn right when you hit the west coast I am easy to find. :)
  6. Trip OK....near LA on the beach...have always wanted to come up to your area....suspect it is quite beautiful....have seen lots of great photos (mostly yours) from up there....maybe some day............. :roll:
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