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Critique Clipped Wing Snowy; Opinions?

Discussion in 'Birds' started by drr1531, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. I hate it when that happens. But how to make the best of it?

    This gal was moving too fast(for me) and I got a little behind her. The result is one clipped wingtip and the bird moving out of the frame. So what would you do?

    No.1 is nearly the original frame. A slight crop of the right side to center the bird as best I could but she's still moving out of the frame. Which is a pet peeve of mine so maybe I'm making too much of it. The second one is cropped to follow the rules(or at least my rules) of composition but that means giving up the other wing. But there are still plenty of pixels to be a printable image.

    So whatya think, number one or two?

    D500, AF-S 80-400@300mm, 1/2000s, f5.6, ISO640

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    Subscribe to see EXIF info for this image (if available)
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2018
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  2. Baywing


    Feb 22, 2005
    CT USA
    I know the feeling. Perfect shot, crap, just clipped a wing tip! I'd take the crop tighter and show the body and wings out to the first wing joint, maybe even a little tighter than that on the left wing. Great light, and wonderful job on the capture, exposure and focus is spot on!
  3. Nice shots, with the second one working for me.
  4. nu2scene


    Sep 27, 2007
    Las Vegas
    For me, I like the first image better.

    I would try to extend the canvas in PS to center everything. Then I'd try to clone in the missing wing tips on the left from the right. It might come together.
  5. I like 1 better. The clip is not too bad, most people looking it it would focus on the eyes. However, I would try doing what Rob said in post 4.
  6. This could easily be done and could give the owl some room to fly into. I think it would be worth the effort for such a great photo.
  7. PhotogWannabe


    Mar 19, 2007
    If Mitch's idea didn't work out, I'd crop a bit off the top and then crop the right side to match the left.
  8. OK I'll say it, we all do it, crop it tighter, same on both wings to make it look like you did it on purpose or trash it

    great faces on both shots
  9. I would be happy with both but prefer the first because of the display of tip feathers. Would you mind saying what kit you used here and, even better, the settings? I have not done much wildlife so would appreciate the info.
  10. Thanks for the input folks. My first inclination was the crop tighter/make it look intentional option. Which is actually what I did on first pass right after the trip(per below). But I don't have any other shots with this wing position AND in this kind of light. So I took another look at it. I don't really have the skills or tools to do that level of cloning. Well I could but it would be extremely time intensive. I might poke round with it a bit. In the mean time I guess I'll stick with the crop tighter route. That will limit printing options but them's the breaks....

    Ron, I added EXIF data to the OP.

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  11. Great job on the crop, seriously
  12. Good suggestions...I’m impressed with the results. Nice way to save the shot. Well done.
  13. Really beautiful shots. Ya the clipped wings. That is why I got a D850 for birds as I was always clipping wings with the D500.

    alexis and Georgie Beagle

    "mom, you still clip wings with the D850." - Georgie Beagle
  14. Heck of a shot. I really like the tighter crop but I also like the first one.
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