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Closeup of a Wildcat

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Thos Quinn, Jul 29, 2005.

    Attached is a picture of a wild (as in rowdy) cat (Felis catus) not a picture of a wildcat such as a bobcat (Felis rufus).

    Molly, my neighbor’s cat, has a bit of a schizophrenic personality. The other morning, as she often does, Molly came over for a visit as I was sitting on my front porch steps enjoying a cup of coffee. She wove between my ankles purring and seemingly begging to be pet. So, being a big softy, I obliged. I would pet her and scratch behind her ears etc. and she’d purr away….. for about ten seconds that is before hissing and try to bite. I’d stop scratching and she’d go back to the ankle weaving begging to be pet routine. Again, I’d give her some pets….. after a few seconds of seemingly blissful purring… hiss try to bite. We played this little game for about 15 minutes when I realized the utter look of contempt on her face mid-hiss might make an interesting shot. Besides the contempt, you can see Molly is no spring chicken (cat) by the missing front teeth. No doubt lost from gnawing the last morsels of flesh from the skulls of the countless deer mice and gophers she has nabbed over the years.

    D70, kit lens at 70mm (I for one, like the kit lens, it’s got a handy zoom range and is sharp enough in most instances); 1/320 sec. at f4.5 (for the shallowest DOF the lens is capable of); iso 200; RAW

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  2. JackG


    May 31, 2005
    Phoenix, Arizona
    Yes sir, looks like a wildcat to me!

    Seems like Molly has issues. Nice post & story.

  3. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    Good shot Thomas. She looks very much like our Pumpkin. Unlike Molly though, Punks will jump into your lap and let you pet her as long as you can stand it. Looks like compared to Molly that Pumpkin has had it pretty easy. No missing teeth yet. 8)

    I agree with your assessment of the 18-70. I sold mine, then had to buy another one when I realized what I had lost. :roll:

  4. mfrank123

    mfrank123 Guest

    got to love the eyes!
  5. A friend of mine has a calico cat with the exact same behaviour. Took a swipe at my face once while I was bending down petting it and it almost got my eyes. I'm the chief feeder of this beast when they go on vacation and sometimes the behaviour makes me wanna starve the thing instead of rewarding bad hissing/biting/scratching with food!! *LOL* They once asked me to put some ointment in its ears while they were away... yeah, right.... needless to say, my wounds healed and it went a week without the medication!

    Great capture of a not so friendly face!! LOL Hope your lens survived! LOL
  6. Love your story! It reminds me of my neighbor's cat, Phoebe. I'd take care of her when her owners were on vacation. Since I'm allergic to cats, I avoided petting her at the outset. But while I was feeding and loving on their dog, Zach, Phoebe would come up and rub against me wanting to be petted. So of course I couldn't NOT pet her! I'd start out scratching her ears absentmindedly, because my focus was on the dog, and she'd slowly creep along side me so that my hand was scratching her belly, and then she'd hiss and bite me! After a few times of that, I stopped petting the dog and actually watched the cat, and sure enough she did the same thing every time...lure me into petting her head, scooch down until my hand touched her belly and then bite me. After that, all I ever did was feed the ingrate!

    I like your picture btw. It also reminds me of a psycho-cat I had growing up. I have a really bad track record with cats!
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