Cls and three flashes

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  1. Am I right in assuming that a D70 can only trigger two flashes wirelessly via the pop up flash in commander mode, whereas the pop up flash on a D200 can trigger more then two flashes wirelessly?
  2. The d70's popup can control multiple remotes on a single channel.

    The d200's popup can control multiple remotes on each of 2 different channels.

    Either camera can control multiple remotes on each of 3 different channels if an external commander (d800 or su800) is used.
  3. So if I have an SU800 mounted on my D2h in commander mode, then I can remotely trigger not only my two SB600's but my single SB800 as well?

  4. Yes, each of the three flashes can be controlled at different levels.
  5. Great thanks I just managed to pick up a used SU800, time to play.

  6. You don't need to have the camera in commander mode or change any camera settings for the SU-800 to work. Just attach it to the hot shoe and go.