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  1. I went out this evening and was surprised to see that the cocoon was empty, I felt a little bummed out about that. But just 20 feet away was this guy fluttering around, I walked over with my 3 yr old daughter to get a closer look at him and he landed on the rocks right in front of us. He let me take several shots and then fluttered around a bit and then landed right on me and then Emily, it was really cool. I cant be positive this is what was in the cocoon but I am pretty sure it is. Now I must say he wont win any beauty contests, here he is..

  2. I am quite certain that the chysalis you photographed is not the same one that this Red Admiral butterfly came from. Although it could be a Nymphalidae chrysalis it is more like one belonging to a White Admiral than a Red Admiral.

    However, I am basing this on the European species and not the ones in the USA, but I cannot imagine that this part of the life-cycle is all that different in shape, and colouring.

    If I get time I will do some more research for you. That imago,( final form), is also rather battered for a newly emerged butterfly.

    BW. Bob F
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    Oh this is beautiful

    Be curious to see what Bob comes up with
  4. Unfortunately even the best site I know of does not help me much, but I have been able to find out that Limenitis arthemis arthemis, the White Admiral does fly in Wisconsin. It is therefore a reasonable bet that this chrysalis is of this species.

    Sorry that I can not be any more specific, but I hope this helps.

    Bob F.
  5. Yes it is definately a Red Admiral. See below.

    I think it is a White Admiral. See below.

    Bob F.
  6. duh, I didn't read your previous post carefully enough.