Collective Shoot # 103: Spring Forward/Fall Back

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  1. Please come and join us in Collective Shoot # 103- our theme for this week is Spring Forward/Fall Back. I am looking for you all to use your cameras to express what is happening in your part of the world as the seasons change- in the North we are obviously going into the cooler part of the year whereas our friends in the Southern Hemisphere are seeing longer days and getting ready to go swimming :wink: As a misplaced Australian, I am hoping to see plenty of contributions from the Southern Hemisphere!

    Time Frame- Starting Friday (September 26) morning at sun-up in your location and running until Tuesday (September 30) evening at sun-down. Please try to post photos shot during this time frame rather than hunting back through your files.
    General Guidelines
    - post as often as you like, but please limit each post to 6 photographs
    - please post "medium-sized" pictures (link to a larger version if you like)
    - please share exif data and any other secrets so that we can all learn!
    - most importantly....... Have Fun!

    Here is a link to the thread that we will use for posting this week....

    good luck and happy shooting,

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