Collective Shoot #29 - “Extraordinary”

May 17, 2005
Pleasantville Ohio
There are many different forums here at the Café, but many of us tend to focus on just a few of the topics. I was inspired this past week when two seasoned photographers, Wade (Commodorefirst) and Andreas (AFX), posted images in areas that were outside their primary centers of attention.

Therefore, the theme for this week’s Collective Shoot is out of the ordinary. Choose a subject, style, or treatment that is represented least frequently in your portfolio. In my case, that would be anything other than color photographs of wildlife and flowers. Maybe you’re a generalist with respect to subjects, but you don’t normally do black and white, sepia, selective partial color, artistic transformation, etc. – do it a little differently this time. And, tell us what you learned.

Too busy to plan anything different this weekend?? – Make it a snapshot; share it with your friends here at the Café; and tell us how you would have improved it if you had the time.

Shooting period: Friday (April 6) through Sunday evening (April 8) [your local time]

Posting period: Friday April 6 through Tuesday April 10

Please submit no more than 2 photos.

Have fun:biggrin: !

The posting thread is now open in Miscellany
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Jan 26, 2005
Viera Fl
Thank You Bob:>))))
I will try to find something.
I am sorry about the last one. I did not shoot at night..:<<<< bad gale
Apr 30, 2005
Hong Kong
Very interesting. I have made the shots today, but since I'm away from home and there is no photo software in this notebook, I have to wait till Monday to post it.
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