Collective Shoot #34 - "Your Neighborhood"

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  1. Your Neighborhood... What makes your corner of paradise yours. It is all about, ummm, what makes your living or work neighborhood yours, what's great about it? The people, the architectures, the nature, the restaurants, the attractions, the quietness, the [insert your own thing here]

    :890:Take one or more pictures of the area you live in at the moment.:890:

    The idea is to share your corner of the world with other people around the globe.


    It can be as simple and general as you wish or elaborate and specific as you like.

    Shooting Time: Starts now, May 10th (any time, any place, any subject, anywhere) and ends next Tuesday May 16th. And please if you have pictures you took earlier and would like to share, do not feel limited by the time frame of the shooting, this is about sharing not restricting :smile:

    Posting Period: Starts now... :rolleyes: (any time, any place, any subject, anywhere) and ends next Wednesday May 16th

    You may post as many images as you wish, but please remember to watch file size for those with slower connections and a caption or captions to go along with the image(s) would be truly great.

    The aim of this Collective Shoot is to share what you like about where you live.

    I'll be around to answer any questions, but aim to have loose guidelines to allow everyone to enjoy the Collective Shoot rather than worry about rules. Enjoy! :Whistle:

    Do not post in this thread... Post Here

    Here is a sample of what I am talking about:

    My Toronto


    Is a great city with a distinct skyline...

    But what makes my city great are the people visiting it...

    View attachment 94821

    And living in it

    View attachment 94822
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  2. This will be a lot of fun, I can't wait to see people's images! Thanks for choosing this topic. :smile:
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