Collective Shoot #43 - A Day In The Life of the Nikon Café

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Minuteman3, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. Greetings!!

    Back in the mid-80's there were a series of coffee table photo books based on the premise of "A Day In The Life Of ...". One was America, one the Soviet Union, one was the US Military, etc. The publishers challenged hundreds of professional photographers to capture images from midnight to midnight on one specific day to get a sense of what went on during a typical day.

    So, let's update that concept to the 21st century!!

    Announcing ... "A Day In The Life of the Nikon Café"!!

    I have set aside one 24-hour period ... from noon (your local time) on Sunday, July 15 to noon Monday, July 16, to capture what we are doing. I would suggest submissions be limited to 4 images, and all must be taken during that 24-hour period. (Mind your file sizes!!)

    I'll leave the exact subject matter up to each person, but I'd hope to really get a slice of life ... what you do for FUN, for WORK, at HOME, for FAMILY ... whatever ... during that "day"!! Both daytime and nighttime shots are welcome.

    So, here's your assignment -> July 15 1200 NOON LOCAL TIME to July 16 1200 NOON LOCAL TIME is to capture ... "A Day in the Life ..."

    The submissions thread is here in Miscellany.

    (I have a suspicion that our "results" will rival those of the publishers!!)

    Looking forward to seeing all of us!!


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  2. This is a challenging, but fun assignment. Thanks Ken. I hope everyone will participate.
  3. Great topic, Ken. I hope we get to enjoy slices of life from many Cafe members around the world. This will be fun.:smile:
  4. Fantastic!! I have several of the DITL books, including the US and Australia. I greatly enjoyed them and think this is a wonderful idea. :smile:
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