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    I'm behind on reading the Cafe, so forgive me if this has already been discussed. I just saw a link to this page on my RSS reader and the results were pretty impressive and cool. What he does is to use Photoshop's color matching tools to match colors in his photographs to classic paintings. In his words, the great painters spent a lifetime trying to perfect the interplay of color in their paintings and the natural world being photographed doesn't always cooperate - now you can combine the two:

    Improve Your Photography With Classical Art
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  2. I just found the link about an hour ago and tried a couple of photos. This technique has some interesting possibilities. Some results are downright weird, but others very pleasing. I wonder what it would be like with an HDR photo as the target.

    Definitely worth play around with.

  3. Interesting. Thanks for the link.

  4. Tutiki

    ANy chance of getting Lisa's sketching technique added to the Tutiti list? I have been waiting for a long time now for it to be added.

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