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Color variation after calibration

Discussion in 'Printers, Monitors, and Color Management' started by Mason, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Help! A couple of weeks ago I started processing my photos on a laptop that I used to use pretty regularly, but just recently calibrated using a Spyder2Express. I can see when the computer boots up that the Spyder profile is loaded, and I can verify in the display properties that the Spyder profile is loaded. The issue is that colors I am seeing in Capture NX and Safari are much more saturated than the same images viewed in default Windows and IE Explorer.

    Here are a couple of screenshots of the same images open in Capture NX as well as Windows picture and Fax viewer.

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  2. I don't know anything about NX, so I may be well off the track here, but I'm concerned about the "Spyder2Express" in the bottom corner of your NX images. That suggests to me that your NX images have the monitor profile assigned to them, which is very bad practice.

    I hope somebody will come along very soon and give you some guidance about your NX colour settings, because I think you've got something fishy going on.

    Windows Picture Viewer is colour-managed (at least partially), so I'd tend to trust it more in this particular example. Tell me more about IE - do the photos look exactly the same in IE as in Windows Picture viewer?

    Also, share as much information as you can with us about your workflow - raw or jpeg? sRGB or Adobe RGB?
  3. Thanks for the help Damien. I'm open to any suggestions...color management is a area in which I am not well schooled. I am not on the laptop at the moment, but if the colors in Windows picture viewer and IE are not exactly the same, they are very close. I don’t think I have looked at the two very critically since I have been caught up in the over-saturation in NX.

    As for the workflow, I shoot sports shots in jpg when the light is good, and RAW when it isn’t as good or for important shots. These were all shots from my D300 set to sRGB. I also looked at some D200 shots, color mode 1 (sRGB) and they acted the same way in NX.

    Thanks again for looking in. I am traveling most of today and will be anxious to see if there are any suggestions.
  4. Well, like I said, I think there's something wrong with your NX colour settings, but we need somebody knowledgeable to drop by with some advice...
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