Coming Back to Nikon: D7200 vs. D700

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  1. Hi folks. My last main Nikon was a D700 that I shot for 4 years and roughly 100,000 images. I left Nikon for mirrorless and now want to come back.

    I am not convinced I want full frame anymore. The main thing I loved about full frame was the viewfinder size and of course the images. Viewfinder aside, it seems to me the D7200 has surpassed the D700 in just about every way that counts: dynamic range at low ISO, low noise at high ISO, etc. Plus I love the smaller lenses and the reach that crop sensors provide.

    I am basing my judgment on images I have seen on the web, plus reviews like DP Review and also the scoring you see on DXOMark. What do you say? Does the D7200 actually beat the D700 in a way that translates into better images in the real world?
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    In order to answer your question, it would be helpful to know what subjects or genres you like to shoot. Sports, kids, macro, street photography, landscape, birds, concerts and bands in low light, weddings, portraits, etc. What is your budget? Have you considered other bodies? The D700 is quite old as is the D7000. And those two camera were aimed at different market segments.
  3. I shoot anything and everything. No shutter machine gunning. If I were to buy a crop camera, it would *not be the D500 or D7500.* Question: does the D7200 beat the D700 in the real world in any way that matters, regarding image quality? Dynamic range. High ISO noise. Etc.
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    I doubt anyone still shoots both or could remember
    I shot a D700 and a D7200, I liked them both, I would think the d700 is better at high ISO and DR
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  5. I still love my D700. Full frame goodness for portraits with fast glass and good high ISO performance up to 6400. It's the camera body that has lasted me the longest. I think it's a great value at the current used price.
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  6. If you use a catalog/database like lightroom, and you have shot or owned both at different times, its trivial to see the differences and/or compare them. When I sold the D700, for about a week I had a D600, and shot about 500 frames through it. I still love a lot of those images and was surprised how much they improved over the D700, which to my eye still looks great. If the D7200 is in that realm (and by DXOMark type standards, it appears to be - not saying this is gospel, just using it as a reference), I'd be happy to have a D7200 and spare lugging around the big bodies and glass.
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    If you do not need D700 AF-C performance, you might be happy with a D600/D610. Better IQ and newer than the D700.
  8. I had a D600. Great images. Don't want the big bodies and lenses anymore. I won't say never, but I'd really like opinions from D7200 owners who can compare to D700 images.
  9. Why dont you see if you can find a body and lens to rent and see how you like it?
  10. I might do that.

    I did go to a local camera store, and I spent considerable time with the entire Nikon DSLR lineup. I'll tell you one thing: I am having a very difficult time accepting the small viewfinder of the crop cameras. This totally caught me off guard. I shot a D40, D70 and D80 for years. But then I went to the D700 for 4 or 5 years, and I guess that spoiled me more than I realized. I predicted I would try the D7200 and immediately fall in love with it. I did - with the full featured body and build quality, but its viewfinder was so small. The only crop camera with a viewfinder I found acceptable was the D500, which is not a body I am considering.

    Oddly this is coming from a guy who for the last 4 years has been a mirrorless shooter. But don't laugh - the EM1 and EM5mkii and various Sony's and Fujis have EVF's far bigger than what you find on the Nikon crop cameras, including the high end D7200. So I have now figured out.

    What a shocker. I need to rethink this.
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    Had the D700, currently have the D7200. IMHO, the D7200 is better in every way than the old D700, with the exception of ergonomics and, maybe, viewfinder.
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  12. Awesome, thank you.
  13. I'm writing this from Akureyri, Iceland, where I am in the middle of a two-week jaunt around the island. I have with me a D750 and a D7200. Frankly, I never notice the difference between the viewfinders. I often have to look closely to remind myself which one I have in my hands. Both are wonderful cameras and the images are almost indistinguishable except in shadow recovery.

    I previously had a D600 and D610, but never a D700.
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  14. I had several D700's but sold them off, even traded one for a D600. I've shot the D7200
    thru ISO12800 and the 24MP files are gorgeous. I'd never consider going backwards in IQ.
    FX High ISO will be better but that's it. HST, the D600/610 totally spanks the old D700. ;)
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    ISO and AF in lower light (think dark event / reception halls) the D700 is better IMHO. In pretty much every other way I think the image quality of the D7200 is better. Why not the D7500?
  16. I'm definitely tempted, mostly because of the tilt screen, but the D7200 is getting close to the $700 price point, and the ~$1200 for the D7500 is out of the budget. And I'm not convinced the D500 sensor is better... I can see it does better at the higher ISOs, but at the expense of dynamic range at the lower ISO's, which is not a tradeoff I'm excited about. At ISO 100/200, it seems to me the D7200 is basically as good as anything on the planet, full frame or otherwise.

    But definitely the price is the main thing.
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  17. Randy


    May 11, 2006
    IMO the d500 is not better than the D7200 but it's also not worse in any way. AF speed, FPS, AF accuracy and buffer are a lot better.
    And the D500 feels better to hold
  18. I noticed that, since I played with the D7200 and D500 back to back. The D500 definitely has that pro/D700 type feel to it, which is nothing to take lightly. And that viewfinder - that thing is glorious. Biggest viewfinder I have ever looked through on a crop camera.
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    Apr 30, 2005
    One question, why are you coming back? That might help with recommendations.

    For example: I shoot Nikon gear professionally for events and m4/3 + Fuji X70 for everything else. But I often consider picking up something like the D5500 / D7500 / D7200 and something to 300mm or like that new Sigma 100-400. I've just never really been happy with the results I've gotten with m4/3 telephotos. I just don't need the range often enough to justify it right now.
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  20. Good question. I was a loyal Nikon shooter forever. Digital, film, even three different Nikon coolscan scanners. Until I had children, and I quickly figured out I couldn't bear handling big cameras and lenses for anything other than stationary flash use in my living room or house. Leaving the house with cameras and small children was utterly painful. So I moved to m4/3 and Fuji and X70 but I never fully left Nikon in my mind. I still have a lot of my AIs glass, and all my Nikon film cameras. And of course I have about 100,000 images in my Lightroom database that were shot on various Nikons. The D700 and D600 images stick out like crazy, and comparing them to m4/3 images above ISO 400 always make the m4/3 images look bad. Although like many I do love the Fuji look.

    That's really all there is, I like Nikon, always have.

    P.S. If I didn't have children and a helicopter wife, we'd probably be talking about the D500 or D750.
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