Comments/critique requested - Ruins Image

Discussion in 'Landscapes, Architecture, and Cityscapes' started by JustinD, May 2, 2005.

  1. This is an image of some European style ruins in an royal courtyard in Beijing. I'd appreciate any critique anyone has to offer.

  2. Hi Justin -

    Interesting scene, and not one normally associated with a city such as Beijing.

    I offer these comments in the spirit of "here's what I think could make this good photo even better", not as an indication of a poor photo. Please keep that in mind...

    Compositionally, you were farily well placed to get a good angle on the scene, but some of the detail on the center pedestal in the back is occluded. Moving to the left a couple of feet may have brought that into view, but you may not have been able to do that at the time the photo was taken.

    The scene looks slightly over-exposed, and from a post-processing standpoint I may have been inclined to increase the contrast some via adjustments to the curves (especially if this started out as a NEF) by raising the shadow point some. This would emphasize the detail in the center post. There's also a rather obvious dust bunny on the right side above the right-most pedestal that is a bit distracting, but could be easily cloned out.
  3. David - Thanks for the critique. I'll mess around a bit with it and possibly post an update for you to take a look at.
  4. After some processing

    What do you think? Same, better, worse?

  5. Justin -

    That's probably a little stronger than I had in mind, but we're really just talking about personal taste at this point. Hope you don't mind -- I tried taking a look at it to see what the curves looked like.

    It appeared that the blue channel was somewhat blocked, so I didn't adjust it at all. Red and green were adjusted some, then I made a negative adjustment to the midtones to bring them down a tad (increasing the contrast in the midrange).

    None of these were drastic changes, but enough to give the relief in the center a bit more "pop", while leaving most of the detail in the shadow areas intact.

    Here's what I came up with:

  6. David - Thanks. I appreciate the edit. My photoshop skills are dismal. It's a slow learning process.

    I had a look at your pBase galleries and really enjoyed them. The waterfalls were especially stunning.
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