Compact flash capacity

Apr 5, 2007
Houston, Texas
I am shooting Large JPEG Fine, and the LCD shows 450. I am aware that I get more pictures than that, but I have read that some shoot RAW and their LCD shows 450. The card is formatted FAT 32. Is this normal, or is there a setting I need to change? I did get more shots per card on my KM 7D.
Jan 24, 2006
Utica, NY, USA
The number of bytes that make up an image is a function of data that is recorded. So, a scene of the sky without much details, will show less bytes than, let's say a scene that includes many trees with leaves. Your camera will estimate based on the choice of JPEG or RAW how many images are left to be taken. When you check your manual, Nikon has provided you with a matrix that shows the approximate # of images per size of card that will be recorded depending on your choice of image quality/size etc.

When people shoot RAW, the maximum of bytes are recorded. The remaining shots left should probably show less than when you have selected JPG Large Fine, assuming you compare it to the same size card. There's a choice to shoot compressed or regular <uncompressed> RAW, that will affect the images remaining as well.

I do not know the KM 7D, but if it's sensor has less MPs than the D200's 10 MPs, there's your answer.

There are no settings to change, unless you deliberately want to shoot lower quality/size jpg.
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