Comparing LR, DxO, and On1

Discussion in 'Other Raw Processors' started by Allan, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. I was inspired by Jim's thread so I decided to compare LR, which is what I use, to DxO and On1. I first used DxO and On1 to convert the raw file and compare them to the LR conversion. Then I used the LR conversion and made adjustments to the raw file in LR, and then without LR adjustments, opened the file in On1 and DxO as plugins to make adjustment.

    Those are the results below - just opened all 3 in PS, resized, and added a bit of sharpening, and saved as jpg- no other work. Again, I don't see much difference. And, if there is a difference it is probably something I did, not the engine.

    So, I plan to keep using LR for my conversions and go to the other two when I want to try a preset for a different look, which probably won't be often.

    LR all the way
    LR without corrections then opened as a On1 plugin

    LR without corrections then opened in DxO plugin
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