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Confused . . . or is it just me?

Discussion in 'Retouching and Post Processing' started by digital_don, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. The world of post-processing is a bit overwhelming the more you explore. My basic PP is PSE 6.0. However, recently I have been looking at Corel Photo2X,
    ViewNX, NX2, and Lightroom 2.0. Each have some marvelous features and I might be looking for the silver bullet (as in one size fits all!) Budget is a constraint, so I may simply have to settle for the one package that works best for me. In fact, it may be what I already have - PSE 6.0!! But just as there is Lens Lust, I am now developing Processing Lust!
    Some things I think I think:
    - No one PP package does it all, except maybe CS4-out of my price range.
    - Lightroom 2.0 looks sweet and is tugging at my wallet.
    - Latest technology can take a poor pic and turn it into acceptable or better.
    - Choosing one package and making it your own probably is best.
    Any comments, suggestions?

    Don :confused: 
  2. Personally, I don't think any of them does it all, not if by "all" you mean the best of "all things we need" and doing "all things we need" in one application. I define "all things" as:
    1. Transfer images from CF or camera
    2. Quickly preview to cull the "throwaways"
    3. Add metadata
    4. Robust searchable catalog
    5. Render NEF
    6. Finish for output.

    I think LR2 comes closest my list of 6. However, for me personally, it fass short in catalog and rendering. That said, a lot of folks that I have great respect for use it to very good advantage.

    I think this really depends on what is "poor". Really poor focus, for example, I don't think so. Too far off in exposure, same thing. But just like the "wet darkroom" you do have some latituded, for sure.

    Now THIS, in my opinion, is one incredibly wise conclusion :biggrin::biggrin: Just like working with your camera, it takes familiarity with a product to make the best use of it. Along with that, you need to use tools that "make sense" to you. If you download a trial and you just don't "get it" look until you find one that does.
  3. PP Confusion . . .

    Thanks Bill,
    I think your perception on all points make good sense. Even though I've got PSE 6.0, I will probably go with Lightroom after the trial period as opposed to upgrading my PSE to 7.0. Thanks again,

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