Connie's (Clix Pix) 52 Week Project 2020 - WEEK 14: Focus on Flowers

Feeling groovy, man...... ROTFL!!!!!

Those were the days, weren't they? And in such contrast to the peaceful, calm gatherings with people sitting around and a guy or gal with a guitar, singing wistful or later, protest-oriented folk songs -- "hootenanny" kinds of events -- that were part of the 1960's, too.....

Some of us of a similar age group really have lived through some interesting times, haven't we?
Those were turbulent times for sure -- on the one hand, people singing protest songs in a very peaceful and gentle way and on the other hand more and more people eventually running around rather agitatedly screaming and singing about "drugs, sex, rock and roll!" And the music got louder and louder and the quiet and calm got lost in the burst of psychedelics and the fierce energy spewing out...... Our generation was coming of age and we weren't going to put up with what had gone on before......we were gonna be HEARD and SEEN, loud and clear! It all changed, those seemingly halcyon days of the 1950's swept away as the world shifted on its axis during the 1960's......
May 11, 2006
Naperville, IL
Did you say '(c)rap stuff'? I hear what you say and am of the same opinion. I have a lot of arguments with my kids about 'real music with melodies' like the ones we grew up with, but you never win with them. I try not to travel in their cars because it is torture listening to all that crap and noise.
OK, it's Week 8 Showtime! This turned out to be "Macro Week," primarily; seemed as though most of the time when I picked up the camera I was sticking my beloved 90mm macro lens on it. Also this was time for another experiment, too, which is described in detail in a different thread in the Abstracts subforum.

Started out with picking up an inexpensive bouquet of flowers at the grocery store; they were a motley mixture but my primary interest was in this particular flower, as I liked the shape of it. This also would be a good one to convert to B&W but I haven't gotten around to doing that yet.

Flower 4.jpeg
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One day I heard the geese honking and carrying on, so looked out the window to see what was going on. Maybe they were getting in the mood for some boys-and-girls playtime, as it was a warmish day, filled with hints of spring to come...... I grabbed the camera and slipped it on to the 200-600mm lens and went out on the deck for a few shots. This guy was really full of beans, zipping around like mad, honking at everyone to get out of his way.....

Honking Up a Storm 2.jpeg
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On one of the cloudy, dull rainy days we had this past week I decided that spending some time shooting another of the flowers from that bouquet would be rewarding, as its bright, sunny yellow petals were a cheery sight. Got upclose and personal, right to the heart of the matter:

Sunny Side Up.jpg
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This next one and the last one were shot last night as I experimented with using a UV/Black Light LED flashlight to see what happens..... It's magic! The ordinary becomes transformed into something quite different! This mysterious blue image is making its debut today:

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Last, but certainly not least, my favorite of the week, which I shared last night in the other thread and which really astonished me when I looked through the viewfinder:

Red and Blue.jpeg
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Oct 9, 2005
Moscow, Idaho
Thank you both! I still prefer the color version, as I really like those colors, although it looks more like autumn than spring or summer!
Nothing at all wrong with the color version—but a good B&W is hard to pass up. Also, not sure what the Connie Trade Mark image is this year—the color abstracts that push our imagination, or the great waterfowl shot!
We now expect one duck/goose a week.
LOL, Nick! I am definitely having fun with the macros and the abstracts, but also with my lovely geese and hooded mergansers out there on the lake.... I daresay that, yes, as time goes on you will continue to see plenty of each kind of images! I am still waiting to get a decent shot of the GBH, who tends to be elusive during wintertime, not unexpectedly. Birdies....abstracts.....yeah, that's what I most love to shoot, with a few other subjects thrown in for variety and as they come along.

Week 9 is already starting out with a fresh burst of color using yet another technique I am revisiting after a several years' hiatus.....
Thank you, Morten! Our local grocery store has a section of flowers and plants, and sometimes they have a few mixed bouquets at a reduced rate. I was walking past and that flower immediately caught my eye because of its shape and color, so I promptly bought the bouquet. Can't go wrong for $6.00! The yellow flower also came from that bouquet.

I really love playing with colors and abstracts, and my macro lens is sure getting a workout!

Anyone want to venture a guess as to what the mysterious blue items in Image No. 4 are? :D
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