Connie's (Clix Pix) 52 Week Project 2020 --WEEK 3

This morning I realized that the little rose I had bought the other day is starting to lose its "oomph." I'm getting a little on edge about that, so decided to grab a quick shot of it before it goes bad altogether:

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It (somewhat belatedly) occurred to me that maybe I have been doing this project wrong, or at least posting incorrectly, so I went back to re-read the guidelines originally set out by Rob.....and, yep! For starters, I don't need to be posting every day or every time I shoot a new image! DUH.....
  • Choose your best image(s) from the prior 7 days, and post them once a week.
Oops! OK, that makes sense and definitely at least one image I've already posted this week -- the first one -- is hardly one of my "best image(s)"..... I just stuck that in there because it was commemorating the start of the New Year....

Now that I've finally got this all straight in my head, I will wait until the end of this first week to then post anything additional that I might shoot, and will do next week's project the way it was meant to be handled and presented! Looks as though Tuesdays will be the end of the week/posting day, and then Wednesdays begin a new week....
DUH, yep!!!! Now that makes sense to me! After a few days, though, it began to dawn on me that I seemed to be the only one posting in this section and that struck me as odd..... Then in reading Doug's post something niggled at me and I thought, "maybe I'd better go have another, closer look at the guidelines for this thing...."

Well, I'm just going to leave the images in the thread that are already here, no point in yanking them out and causing confusion, but no more images now from me until next Tuesday, I swear!!! :D
Thanks, Doug! Yes, I had been lusting after that lens for a long time after seeing the kinds of images produced with it, and it was my number one item that I was going to buy in the Sony line, no matter what.... I love it. I also bought the 50mm macro but it doesn't do nearly as nicely when it comes to backgrounds/bokeh, etc.....I bought it more for the times when 90mm would be just too long in a particular macro situation.

Over the past year and a half or so I have pretty much figured out exactly what it is that I most like to shoot, and macro was at the top of the list.....followed by closeups and occasional BIF shots of our local wildlife here on this small lake. Haven't gotten a new FF lens yet for that kind of reach with the new camera (still using the "bridge" camera in the meantime), but that day is coming, probably sooner rather than later....
Well, I've finally scratched the itch I've had for a while now......and have added the 200-600mm lens to my small group! Got the new lens today at District Camera and although it's heavy, it's not unmanageable. Also got the Wimberley replacement foot for it for ease in sliding the thing on-and-off the tripod with its Arca-Swiss quick release. So far I've only shot a few photos from my deck, using the deck railing as a support, and that works out nicely, too. The geese must've quickly caught on that The Human has a new lens, as they obligingly came closer and posed for me! LOL!
OK, my latest (and I think my best, too) images from this past week:

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Feb 4, 2011
I have to agree with Klaus here - like 1 & 3 a lot, love the bill buried in the feathers.
Thanks, Gordon! I was really pleased when the geese decided to keep hanging out near my deck and were all huddled against the cold. Some were sleeping, with their eyes closed, and others were wakeful and watchful like this guy, and I thought it was neat how he had his beak tucked in close to his body and covered by his feathers. I had done this in color first but had issues with the light balance so then decided that a B&W conversion might be better and I do prefer it because it puts more emphasis on that beak hidden among those white feathers.

The first image caught my eye when I was looking around the lake and noticed the way the lone goose was silhouetted and the amazing gold and blue colors as the sun hit the water at just the right angle.....
Oct 9, 2005
Moscow, Idaho
Looks like you are rapidly building muscle to heft that monster lens around :cool:

Love the first, that silhouette just stands out so well on that dazzling water. Exceptional well exposed.
The B&W goose deserve to hang on a wall.
The impressionistic rose is so well done, you iPhone will be green with envy!
Glad to see you having a ball bonding with your new equipment. What fun!
Thanks, Nick! I have indeed been having fun! I LOVE this camera and these lenses! Yeah, that 200-600 is a hefty babe! Whew! I daresay I am building up muscles -- who needs the gym?! LOL! Really need to get a Wimberley gimbal now, this lens is ideal for it. I had the first-generation Wimberley gimbal a long time ago but sold it to someone and didn't think I'd ever need it again.... Well, looks as though I absolutely DO need one! Just a matter of getting over to the store some time this next week to get a Wimberley II gimbal. I bought this fantastic lens and eventually I'd like to take and use her somewhere other than just out on my deck!

So far this week I've shot something every day with one lens or other and a couple of times something came up and I'd grab the camera again..... Come Tuesday I'll be sharing at least a couple of those images....
Thanks, Bill! I'm still getting used to the new lens and also am finally figuring out some of the features of the DXO PhotoLab 3 software; the latter in particular is something which I've needed to do in order to improve my work. This project is going to be very, very helpful to me as I continue with it..... in the past, all too often I have tended to take the shots and get all hung up about how creative or interesting they might be but then have given short shrift to the editing, often to the detriment of the final product. I think the latest editing software programs are significantly more effective than what we used years ago, too, and that helps as well.
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Thanks, Doug! I was ecstatic when I saw how that new lens could zoom right in on an individual goose and capture details which aren't usually noticeable at a distance -- the beak tucked in, the feathers gently ruffling around it.... Even at that I had to crop the image somewhat, but yes, this image is my favorite of the bunch for the first week. I'm chuffed..... The 200-600mm zoom lens is a real keeper, that's for sure! I am very happy with my lens choices so far.
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