Critique Connie's (Clix Pix) 52 Week Project 2020 -- Week 43

OK, I'm going to give this a shot! It seems a little less daunting than a 365-day project and yet offers the same challenges and fun that is inherent in that, with more flexibility. As far as a "theme," I tend to be rather eclectic in what I shoot, although I often find myself getting experimental with abstracts or up close and personal with macros, as well as also liking to shoot the birdies that we have on our small lake here: Canada geese, ducks (Mallards and our newest residents, some Hooded Mergansers), occasional GBH, other types of herons, etc. Sometimes in winter we also get a few gulls, also. Once in a while I'll see a turtle or two as well. We also have plenty of squirrels scampering around here, too, so undoubtedly one or more of those little "tree rats" will make an appearance in the thread as time goes on!

Gear that will be doing the work: Sony A7R IV and the three lenses I have for it (135mm f/1.8, 90mm f/2.8 macro and 50mm f/2.8 macro), plus RX10 IV ("bridge" camera with wide-to-long reach of 24mm - 600mm [35mm equivalent on a 1-inch sensor]) and my small compact RX100 VII. Every now and then when I'm out-and-about I spot something interesting and pull my iPhone 11 Pro out and grab the shot, too, so there may be a few images from that as well. [ETA: over the months that followed have added a 35mm f/1.8 and an 85mm f/1.8, plus an amazing 200-600mm that I have nicknamed The Bazooka.]

Looking forward to this new challenge in the coming new year......
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Thank you Connie for joining.
I had to make the experience that it is always a challenge. You may have noticed the big gaps in my 52-weeks run last year.
But I was always there. Sometimes down to Earth (job) and so tired in the evening that I didn't switch my laptop on...

I wish you all the best for the oncoming year
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My very first photo of 2020 -- shot with the iPhone as I watched TV when the crystal ball descended and landed, the confetti started flying around and the US welcomed in 2020:

First Photo in 2020.jpg
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Thanks, Nick! Today I took a few moments to shoot with the RX10 IV:

Sleeping Off a Hectic New Year's Celebration....

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Couldn't resist picking up this lovely rose today while at the grocery store:

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Thanks, Bill and Nick! No, I'm not making that mistake twice! That's exactly what happened the last time, I decided that since I was taking photos every day anyway, might as well jump to the 365..... This time I'm sticking with 52 weeks, and, yes, there may be some weeks when there are more images than at other times but the flexibility is important! Never know when that time will come when inspiration doesn't strike or when I'm busy and just can't take a photo on any particular day.....
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