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    This topic, may have been covered before. We hope this is not redundant.

    How are you using the Tone compensation or Contrast settings on your camera.?
    What do you find offers the most pleasing and detailed shots.

    I have been experimenting, using Less, More, Normal, Auto. Contrast settings.

    Depending on what ,we are shooting, light etc. If during daytime, good light, i really like the more contrast setting, combined with center weighted meter. The results, straight out of camera, very different. Colors are more saturated, detail seems greater.

    Please offer your thoughts, I am really interested in your experiences.

    One , more point, a great many professional sports and pj shooters, use more contrast. It makes the pictures a little more vibrant.

    please offer your feelings

  2. I shoot in RAW almost exclusively and initially have tone set to normal contrast on my D2X. Any contrast adjustment is done in Lightroom 1.1 or Capture NX.
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    Your photography is quite nice, I have a friend who is from Belfast, a beautiful country.

    Thanks for your reply, I was hoping to get some opinions from those who use in camera contrast settings.
    I use Lightroom myself, find it to be a little quirky as is ACR.

    A great deal of my shooting is Raw+jpg., makes doing sports and pj easier.
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