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Cool new backback from Lowepro

Discussion in 'Other Cool Gear, Camera Bags, Camera Straps' started by barriosa, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. Check out this cool new backpack from Lowepro. I like that easy access pocket on the side. I checked on Adorama and its not due until August.

  2. I just wonder why they didn't show you what the top of the bag looks like. I think this is one of those bags divided into two sections one for Camera gear and one for personal gear; kind of like the Tamrac Adventure series.
  3. I did, and just double checked. They show the bottom half in two pics but not the top half.

    Here is another pic of that nifty bottom part.
  4. Anyone know what this new bag will be called.

    I seem to have BagLust.......:eek: 
  5. Greg,
    Nice bag. Just to clarify when I mentioned they didn't show the top of the bag I was talking about the lowpro bag. That think thank does look sweet thought!! I just don't think I could navigate it well around the spare tire.

    Sorry I should have mentioned the name in my 1st post. It's called the Primus and here is the link to the site.
  6. Thanks for that Fred.

    Might be worth a peep when available over here.

    Meanwhile the Slingshot 300AW does the business very well.

    Love being able to carry 70-200 attached in bag.
  7. Yep I'd have to say that is the #1 bag in the cafe.

    I placed my order today so I'll post pics whenever it comes in
  8. Will do, Maybe I'll try to make a review for cambags. August is a long ways off!!
  9. DBrim


    May 30, 2007
    Boston, MA
    The rotation 360 looks interesting to me, but I'd be concerned about owning one because it looks like the bottom rotating section cannot support a camera with a lens attached. Can anybody who owns one tell me otherwise? And yes, I'm in the market for a new bag, so that's why I'm so interested.
  10. Daniel,
    I owned it for a while and you are correct. I sold it as it just was not big enough for my uses. Well made though.
  11. JeffKohn


    Apr 21, 2005
    Houston, TX
    I would suggest that anybody who's considering the ThinkTank Rotation try to find a place where they can take a look at one in person. I'm glad I did, because it turns out it won't hold nearly enough gear for my needs. It's quite small as far as backpacks go. The bottom section doesn't hold much gear at all, and although you can use dividers in the top section for addtional gear that kind of defeats the purpose IMHO, and even then it just doesn't hold as much gear as the other alternatives.

    I've been struggling for a solution that would work well for longer hikes, when I need to carry not only camera gear but also plenty of water (a 32oz bottle is nowhere near enough), along with possibly some snacks or other misc items. In the past I've used one of the larger Camelbak's for the water and other misc stuff, along with a Kinesis belt that had pouches to carry a few extra lenses, flash, etc. The camera went over my shoulder mounted on my tripod. This works great for the most part, the belt pouches give me easy access to my gear. The only problem is I have no way to stow my tripod/camera when I need to have both hands free for more difficult terrain.

    So, I just recently got yet another LowePro backpack (my third). This one's the CompuRover AW and I think it's going to work pretty well. The bottom gear section can hold quite a bit (definitely more than the TT Rotation), plus I can stow more in the top if I have to along with snacks, raingear, etc. Then I use a Camelbak Bladder in the laptop compartment. Since this backpack has a tripod-carrying system built in, I have the option of stowing everything away when I need both hands free. The only problem is that like most other backpacks, access to the gear isn't particularly convenient. But I think I can live with it by carrying the tripod/camera as I usually do when the terrain permits, and keep one addition lens in a pouch on the belt to minimize the number of times I have to remove the pack to get stuff out.

    I've done a few hikes around here with it, and fully loaded at 30lbs it's relatively comfortable. The real test will be when we go on vacation to the Desert Southwest next week.
  12. The bottom (Camera section) of the LowePro Primus doesn't look like it will hold much but I ready that it can be expanded into the upper section.
  13. Cope


    Apr 5, 2007
    Houston, Texas

    Do you rotate packs based on current need, or have you graduated? I only have the Lowepro Nova 5AW shoulder pack and a Tamracholster type, and am thinking about a backpack. I have a total of 5 lenses, the D200/MB-D200 and a SB-800, plus batteries and so on.
  14. JeffKohn


    Apr 21, 2005
    Houston, TX
    The different backpacks are for different uses. The Photo Trekker AW II is my "carry everything" backpack, and the Dry Zone 200 is for use around water (kayaking, at the beach, etc). Now the Compu Rover AW is for hiking.
  15. Cope


    Apr 5, 2007
    Houston, Texas

    Thnaks for the response. Maybe we can catch up with each other at a TPF get together. I would like to discuss the backpacks in more detail.

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