Coolest iPhone App Thread...

Nov 15, 2006
Upstate SC
Why not?

My vote for the coolest is...


I don't know what sort of evil voodoo is used in this app, but it is truly uncanny to the point that it's a little creepy. Just open it, click the "Tag" button, and let it "listen" to the song you have playing (radio, tv, internet, wherever). It works for about 15-20 seconds and it identifies the song, artist, album, etc. It also gives you an iTunes link so you can download it. If there's a video or related material on youtube, it gives you a link to that too.

I was listening to World Cafe the last night, and it identified Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band playing "Orange Claw Hammer". A very obscure song from 1975. I did manage to trip it up a few times, but with VERY odd choices - even more obscure.

I'm not a huge gamer, but my favorite so far is Chopper. What can I say, the graphics have a very photographic/cinematic feel with the use of bokeh - yes, bokeh. I also have Super Monkey Ball, Enigmo, and MixMeister Scratch (I don't know, either. It's just cool).

For other apps, I downloaded (and seem to be using) To Do (the free one), Voice Notes (the free one), and Handmark Express. A note about the latter; it doesn't work yet. I subscribed to the service back in my Treo 600 days and used it through two more Treos, and two WM devices. It's the only app I've missed since getting the iPhone a year ago. Handmark has handled the broken app very poorly, but they seem to be getting a little more proactive as of an hour ago posting a message on their website. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon. It'll probably be my most used app if the get it working properly.
Waiting for a Zenfolio app and a LightRoom module :biggrin:

Seriously, I STILL need a file access tool, MMS, Flash, and the biggie - CUT AND PASTE!!

Edit - Pocket Express is working beautifully now. It's as good as I remember it on my other devices. Definitely will be my most used app.
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Jan 11, 2006
Clearwater, Florida
i didn't get one yesterday
so crowded
1/2 the phones still aren't operational
all the downloads from old users
the servers for AT&T and apple are over-jammed

as for handmark
i had it for my TREO
i have "bought it" 3 times
i've had 2 phones go bad
cannot get a hold of them
i think i'm still paying on 2 accounts
when it works.... it's amazing
but, when it doesn't, it's just money wasted

the CONCIERGE service... i never used.... did YOU?
I haven't really investigated the Apps store and its goodies yet.....figured I'd let some of the commotion die down first. I'll be happy if there is a Solitaire game on there that I can stick in my iPhone! I know I won't be installing AIM (hate any sort of IM), Facebook (truly dislike that and the other thing, what's it called, My Space?). DEFINITELY I won't be installing Loopt!!!
Jan 11, 2006
Clearwater, Florida
i'm still unsure about the battery issue
i'm a heavy phone and text user
the battery is not significantly increased in capacity
3G takes much more power to operate
i wish the iPhone were THICKER, allowing a 50% increase in battery capacity

i'll hope that folks will post their personal experiences with the 3G iPhone and how they believe the battery capacity REALLY is
Today my new iPhone journeyed with me to work at the public library. We have WiFi there in most of the building, except in the staff break room. I immediately tested out 3G there and was more than happy to see how quickly it brought up my email and websites. On the way home I stopped at Fresh Fields/Whole Foods for some things and in the parking lot I again tested out 3G. I also had a giggle at how accurately the map function identified my location. The new iPhone is a bit louder, too, than my older one, which is for me, a very good thing. There were many times over the past year when I would miss a call because I simply didn't hear my iPhone ringing. A friend called and I definitely heard it. By the way, "Dueling Banjos" makes an excellent (custom) ringtone!

Can't really answer yet as far as battery life goes. I didn't use the phone all that much today and so there is still plenty of battery life in it as of right now. I did turn off BlueTooth in my new phone because right now I can't go ahead and pair it with my Garmin Nuvi in the car. Last week I had a minor fender bender and so this week will be taking the car in to the shop for repairs. I figured I might as well wait until the car is back home before I set up the BT with the Nuvi. With my hearing loss I cannot utilize the common BT earpieces so for me it's either the Nuvi or nothing.

So far, I can say that I love :Love: my new 3G iPhone! I dearly loved my first iPhone and I'm very, very happy with its successor!
Jan 11, 2006
Clearwater, Florida
i've read 3 more intense and trusted reviews in the past 15 minutes
each of them... all written by iPhone LOVERS... is speaking very loudly, in a NEGATIVE tone about battery life

all the apps
no bigger battery
bad news for all

make the phone thicker
give us 50% more battery power
the phone is too thin to hold comfortably
what will apple do when >50% of 3G users complain that the phone's battery capacity is SUB-standard?
The new iPhone IS more comfortable to hold than the "old" one..... Now I don't feel as though the thing is going to slip right out of my hand at any second.

I think rather than complaining about the battery life being short in the iPhone people should be speaking out very strongly in favor of the next iPhone having an easily replaceable (by the user) battery.

For each and every individual who owns and uses an iPhone the experience will be different. What might bug the heck out of you might not bother me in the least..... Features that are important to one person may not be as significant to the next person. Patterns of usage are going to be quite varied overall, and it is especially important to note that the type of usage will be significant in a given user's evaluation of his/her experience.

I, for instance, am actually neither a typical cell phone user nor a typical iPod user. So for me, what is great about the iPhone may not seem to be so to another iPhone user. That's fine, that's what makes the world go around!
Jun 5, 2008
You got Loopt? I read that it uses your SMS messages and also hits you with a lot of spam. Have you experienced anything negative about it?
It can. Whenever someone friends you up, it sends you a text. Lots of people haven't figured out that you only need to hit the friend request it can be spammy ;)
Jan 11, 2006
Clearwater, Florida
I think rather than complaining about the battery life being short in the iPhone people should be speaking out very strongly in favor of the next iPhone having an easily replaceable (by the user) battery.

For each and ever
you know that i am as much of an apple aficionado as you
apple knew... and heard VERY LOUDLY that folks were angry about the non-user replaceable battery FROM DAY 1 of the first iPhone's introduction

people GOT OVER the same issue with their iPod
when you iPod runs out of juice... it's an INCONVENIENCE
but..... when your phone dies..... it's bad news for most of us who own one and depend upon their use

not changing that dumb initial move with the 3G phone was a slap in the face, quite frankly
i carry a treo 755p now (that phone's problems are LEGENDARY)
but... i have a 3600mAh battery... and never have to worry about the phone running out of juice

with the 3G iPhone... and all the cool apps, it WILL be problem
the worst thing....
when apple finds out that MOST folks are mad at their UNacceptable battery life... there will be ABSOLUTELY nothing they can do to FIX it
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