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Coolest summer on record, thus far

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SteveK, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. SteveK


    Mar 16, 2005
    For those of you planning to visit our fair state of Alaska yet this summer, bring your rain gear and some polypropylene. We have had the coolest summer on record thus far (in Anchorage, according to the newspaper this AM). In the Alaska range where we live, we've been getting lots of new snow above 4,000 feet in elevation on the mountains around us (though the clouds and fog prevent us from seeing those mountains much of the time). So far, two pilots have landed here in the past few weeks because they ran into fog, and could not go further, and we have taken them in, fed them, and put them up for the night.

    We put up solar panels 10 days ago, which would completely power our house and charge storage batteries if we had clear weather. They are mounted on a pole, and the panels track the sun and follow it around the horizon, but most days they haven't been able to see any sun to track. It's frustrating to have to still use our diesel generators this time of the year when the solar array would power our house if we only had some sun!

    Sorry about the rant, but as a photographer, I get a bit stir crazy when we get weeks of rain and fog and dreary skies. In another few weeks it will be autumn here, and winter snows begin by late September. In the past week, we have not had any days above 50°, and during the past month, only three days above 70° (compared to last year when most days were in the 80°s with lots of sun).
  2. iLLMaCK

    iLLMaCK Guest

    You could always relocate.
  3. I was just looking at plane tickets to AK, Steve - I don't want to hear this!!!! Think the fall colors will settle in earlier around Denali then?

  4. SteveK


    Mar 16, 2005
    No, I still love where I live, just I'm getting frustrated with the weather which is cooler and wetter than normal. The things that are important to me are having wildlife around. We still have lots of nesting birds, moose, wolves, fox, brown and black bears around, and life is good when we see critters!

    Sean, the grasses in the tundra around our pond are already turning golden. With cool, wet weather, the autumn colors are apt to be good unless we get a windy, dry August. I would guess that colors in the park will peak around mid August, which is about normal. Blueberries should be ripe now, but they will be a few weeks late. I look forward to meeting with you in person!
  5. Thanks, Steve - I really hope I can make it up this year and meet you as well.

  6. I started with plenty rain and wind.Tent soaked.from thuesday the sun came from behind the clouds.Now i~m in a blistering hot tent with kids from around the world at my side who are making contact with home by internet. This is not the most modern thing,but it works.Till wednesday when th end of the Jambo we have sun some wind en 30 degrees celcius.
  7. deadmeat


    Jul 18, 2008
    Sarasota, FL
    I say we all go out and get in an SUV (rent one if you have to) and get those carbon emissions up to help out with global warming, for the sake of Steve!

    But seriously... My girlfriend's brother and father are out on a scouting trip up north, in Wisconsin, if I remember right, and it's around 40-50 deg. in the middle of July!

    What I wouldn't do to have that kind of weather down here in Florida... this heat is driving me crazy at work!

  8. GoGo


    Apr 20, 2006
    New York
    turns around

    Hey Steve,
    I hope the weather turns around for you!
    Wishing you clear skies, brilliant sunshine, a gentle breeze and lovely weather!
    Take care,
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