Corner Store Lady

Discussion in 'People' started by JustinD, Jul 10, 2005.

  1. I stop by this little corner store almost everyday. The lady that runs it with her husband really is a charming character. I stole this candid as she stepped out into the open.

  2. Justin, she doesn't look very charming here. I'd say she really looks rather "pissed off" or annoyed with you. What did you say to her to make her come out in the open?

    Why don't you try another picture and see if you can get her to smile?

    aka beaucamera
  3. She looks like she wasn't overjoyed to have her picture taken Justin. Perhaps you will be put on her person non gratis list.

    Bejing is an interesting place and I just spent two hours looking at my granddaughters pictures. She just returned from China where she taught English to young children in Bejing. Hope you are enjoying your stay.
  4. Good point, Virginia. I just might do as you suggest. Thanks for the input.
  5. greyflash - It's an incredible city that's changing very rapidly all over the place. The push to prepare for the 2008 Olympics is destroying a lot of history.

    I've been in this city for almost two years, in China for almost three, and the level of change that's occurred in Beijing is mind boggling.
  6. OOOOOOOOOOOO.....the dreaded red X.....I will check back later!! :x :x :x :x
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