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Costco for photo paper

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Uncle Frank, Dec 4, 2005.

  1. I've been using Costco branded premium glossy photo paper for the past year, and can recommend it highly. It has the same characteristics as Epson premium glossy (micro-porus, instant dry), and it's so similar that I think Epson might private label Costco's photo paper.

    I picked up a package of 8.5" by 11"... 125 sheets $18.99. That's $.15/sheet.

    They had a new offering: 300 sheets of precut 4" by 6" for $13.79. That's less than a nickle a sheet.

    It's a good deal if you need to make prints for the holidays.
  2. No Costco around me

    But I have picked up Ilford Gallerie at Sam's club for about $22 / 100 sheet box which is pretty good for a premium branded paper.

    Under the flourescent lights of my office it seems to be holding up much better than the HP paper I previously used.

  3. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    Thanks for the info, Frank. When you print using this paper, I assume that you use the Epson paper profile for their premium glossy?
  4. Right, Frank. I have an Epson printer, and I just select the "premium glossy photo paper" setting.
  5. Thanks for the heads up. I'll pick up a box at Costco when I am there today.

    Probably the same Costco, too.:biggrin:
  6. Thanks Frank, I am running low and will stop by Costco and pick up a pack or two.
  7. Tosh


    May 6, 2005

    I used to use Ilford Gallerie when I home-printed and was very happy with it. The Ilford Gallerie paper I bought at Sam's weighed 250gm vs. 280 gm when I bought it elsewhere. Aside from the weight difference, I never detected any other difference, and certainly not in image quality.

  8. Thanks Frank, I will also give it a try. I wonder about fading and such however. The Epson paper and ink have been tested by Wilhelm Imaging.

    Now for ink! I have a CompUSA ink discount card that expires the end of this month. gives me 10% off Epson ink. They may renew it (probably will), but is there any other source for Epson R1800/R800 ink other than the web that people use?

    The B&H price, including shipping, is close to what I end up paying.
  9. JeffKohn


    Apr 21, 2005
    Houston, TX
    Anybody using Dye printers (ie Canon, HP) should keep in mind that the nano-porous "quick-dry" papers such as Ilford Gallerie Smooth are much more prone to gas/ozone fading. For dye printers it's best to stick with resin-coated papers such as the Gallerie Classic. I also like the "Polar" line from Red River Paper.
  10. Yes, I love the Polar line and actually ALL of Red River's papers. Office Depot used to have the best photo paper made by Konica I think and could get such deals on it. But they discontinued that weight and the thinner paper is not to my liking.
  11. JeffKohn


    Apr 21, 2005
    Houston, TX
    Yeah I like the Red River paper. Their linen paper is pretty neat although not something you'd want to use for general papers. For portraits I love the Polar Placid paper. It has more of a true matte surface than say satin/luster papers do, but it still has the DMAX and contrast of a glossy/satin type paper. Really neat stuff although the surface is somewhat fragile so it's best used for prints that will be behind glass.
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