Couldn't make it out this weekend

Discussion in 'Birds' started by GonzoBernelli, May 14, 2007.

  1. because Dr. adjusted the dosage [up] of one of my medications on Friday and I just felt "wierd" all weekend... Of course, both days had absolutely perfect, cloudless, magenta/red/orange sunrises! Dang!

    Oh well, there will be other opportunities...

    To make up for it, however, Saturday I purchased a 2007 Honda Odyssey. :biggrin: It has neat engine management system where it will cut off 3 cylinders when going over 30 mph, so city milage is rated at 19 and hightway at 26. 3 rd row seating folds completely flat into a depression in floor and second row seating is removable - just over 7 1/2 feet along the floor to the rear door from behind the front seats - much better for moving Monica's antiques from the auction or wearhouse (home) to her store.
  2. So where is a shot of your new ride.....???
  3. Tonight, if it doesn't rain. (forcast is T-storms all week...)
  4. Nick,

    First of all, find a new Dr. -- That is unacceptable when the weather is good!

    The Odessy is a great car -- my son has three boys and it really takes a beating and keeps going.

    Hope you feel better.

  5. Hey Paul, how is the Wimb working out for you?
  6. Congrats, on the new ride. Hope the meds get adjusted and you are back out shooting this week. All the best.
  7. Lets see, we left the medical center (Monica has a Dr visit and infusion Monday) at 4:00PM, the drove to my office where she left her car. Drove through heavy rain, 1/2 dime sized hail, lashing winds and lots of idiot drivers. From there towards home, she went straight and I went right. When I turned into out neighborhood, she called to curse out the I-10 project engineers who left a single lane of frontage road between 2 sections of 3 lane frontage road - it took her 3/4 hour to travel 1/2 mile!. I got home just after 6:00 and Monica did not make it until about 6:40. Sorry - no "new ride" pix; maybe tonight, but then again there are T-storms in the forcast...
  8. Love it! Thanks again!


  9. Here you go JR via Nikon's 10.5mm



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