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Couldn't wait until Fall for trip to Mt. Baker area

Discussion in 'Landscapes, Architecture, and Cityscapes' started by Gerald Plowman, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. Picture Lake and Mt. Shuksan

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    Same shot in the Fall if you can find a day that is sunny and with no wind!

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  2. Awesome--I just saw these on your Pbase site--now I know where they are from. 1 and 3 look so 3 dimensional! Nice cropping that takes advantage of the sky in 1 and 2. Not sure about 3--would cropping to take out that peek-a-boo stone help? or would it lessen the impact? I can't tell!
  3. I think I did take it out of some of the images. I left it in some of them because for me the image is so unreal. It almost looks like it was painted or created with SW it is so beautiful. Leaving the stone there added some realism to the image in my eyes. Thanks for commenting.
  4. OMG....great. love this series. i am also into watercoloring and am looking for a scene to paint like this photo. thanks for sharing. db
  5. Might be interesting to have you post your watercolor painting to see if you have outdone Mother Nature. :) 
    Thanks for looking.
  6. Hi Gerald

    Thanks for the invite to comment. I like what you said regarding those of us who are not experts may be able to offer help the experts have long since resolved and forgotten about. If I can para-phase what I think you said.

    I have looked at several of your images capturing this mountain peak (Mt. Shuksan).

    I think I like this one the best even thought the water is not placid and I wish it had nice puffy white clouds in the sky (not easy to get everything you want always ) :confused: :

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    I believe it has something to do with the crop / perspective (what's in; what's not) and I like the foreground albeit I am not quite sure what that tiny rainbow is in the bottom left corner and would clone it out.

    If I believe the first step is to get the subject (which you have here); then I think the next step is to get the crop or a crop that balances your subject and makes it the center of attention (not necessarily in the center of the image). To me the subject in this image appears to be the lake and its reflections as opposed to the mountain peak itself. I say this because it also reflects those nice pine trees on the left.

    I like your last one (another fall shot) next, albeit I miss the nice flora in your foreground and this time you had the water cooperating. In it you clearly have focus on your subject which I would say is the mountain peak and its reflection. I would suggest you play with cropping and perhaps take a couple of inches off each side. From this perspective I would argue those nice pines are in fact taking away from your subject.

    The first two images I feel could be enhanced by better positioning / focusing on what you are choosing to be your subject.

    I should stress this is one man's opinion! Hope this isn't too much wind! (as in bag of wind!) :biggrin:
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 8, 2007
  7. LindaZ


    Jul 29, 2007
    Wilmington, NC
    They're really beautiful, thanks for sharing. I think the summer pictures are just as stunning as the autumn ones.
  8. Gerald, these are very nice images of one of my favorite subjects. I grew up in Bellingham and spent so many winters at Mt Baker, and hiking and camping at the base of Mt Shuksan. I too have taken many shots of the Mt from Picture Lake both in summer and fall. You really can't go wrong. In the fall it can be hard to find a place to set up with so many photographers. I think of the bunch I like the first shot because of the great cloud formation. We should plan a meeting and trip up there in the fall.
  9. To me absolutely frank with you.......I am in the "get the exposure correct" first mode.............cropping for a "balanced" or good composition is something I am just beginning to think about.........I am using new lens and filters for the first time so that is my emphasis. . . . enjoyed and appreciate your comments here and in the future....learning is supposed to be the purpose of this Forum.

    Thank you Linda. . . I agree with you.

    Thanks for your comments Jim............you guessed it.........my goal with these 2 shots was to have the "real" clouds match the "reflected" clouds in all aspects in the images............the mountain was just there. . . . . shot these with the Sigma 10-20 at 10mm because I was interested in the clouds not the mountain and wanted to show as much of the clouds (top and bottom) as possible. . . . . I have cropped some of them to produce the mountain as more of the subject as well.........from this postion on the lake to have the mountain as the primary subject, you need to shoot at 24 mm mimimum.
  10. Very nice. I need to make it to Baker soon, I have never been. :redface:
  11. Coming from you, that is a compliment! Try Bagley Lakes trail. . . .a walk really....beautiful canyon with river in the middle.
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