Couple hummers.

Discussion in 'Birds' started by kramp, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. There scarce at my place this year, hardly any males hanging around, I did give it a try though since there was some immatures and females coming to the feeder.

    I went back to using the 70-300 ED since it is better at getting a focus lock at the close focusing distance that I use, I was hoping 300 f4 af-s would have been better for hummers but it doesn't seem to be.


  2. Hummerman!!!

    Incredible pics :shock: What can I say, beautifully done!!!! I figured 200micro, but that 70-300 ed looks great..........

  3. Thanks Keith, stopped down its a good lens, wide open it sucks big time, but its so nice and light and will lock focus quick enough for hummers.

  4. Martin, great pics! Those guys are so fast! I've only seen a couple in our yard this year as well. Mind you, we have both crows and magpies that have nested one or two lots away and they seem to have scared many of the smaller birds away.

    The 70-300 Ed did a good job as did the photographer!! Thanks for sharing these. :) :)
  5. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    Great shots Martin. I am surprised that the 300 f4 didn't do the job for you. It is generally a very fine lens. Looks like you got the most out of the 70-300 though.
  6. super shots Martin....I am surprized about the 300 as well.. :shock: M
  7. Thanks for the comment Dennis, Frank and Mike, I was supprised also , I thought the af-s would improve things, and at farther distances it is quicker and quieter but at the minimum focus distance it needs more contrast to get a lock than the 70-300.

  8. Martin

    That's good to know............. thanks for posting the info and the very nice pics.

  9. Canyonlu

    Canyonlu Guest

  10. Your welcome John, thanks for looking.

  11. Hi Marilu, I have less this year but in town were people had almost none last year they have lots, more than me, and up north from here I know a couple of people that must have a hundred each. So it depends where you are, they were early this year and it got very cold after they arrived and that is supposed to be very hard on them.

    Thanks for the comment!

  12. Good going w/the 70-300ED Martin. I got one the same day I got my camera and I think I've only used it two or three times in the last year. Maybe I should try it out again.
  13. Thanks Pete, its a great lens when used with in its limitations.

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