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covering up

Discussion in 'Retouching and Post Processing' started by confused, Sep 1, 2005.

  1. Okay so I have this original image but the white from another persons sweatshirt is just annoying so I want to take that out and then clone it with the brown of the girls jacket. I was able to just clone out the white but it produces a soft line around her left chin because I am using a soft brush. Is there a way to totally take out the white part and just clone the area that the white was in and when you clone over it there is no way it will go over her skin. Make sense maybe? I produce the photo where it got soft. Thanks for any help!!!!!


    Soft Chin

    Thanks again!!!!!
  2. Elliott, I see no one has responded to your thread. I think you did a fine job at covering up the white. It doesn't appear as though that section is actually part of her clothing but seems to belong to another person. If it were the same person's clothing, you can use the patch tool and make a selection and drag it over to the other collar to get similar texture. Maybe then transform that selection to get the wale correct. It would take quite a bit of work to successfully get it to work.

    Considering what you've done with that section and knowing you're unhappy with the softness, did you try to clone using a sharp edged brush initially then go back over to soften the transition? I'd be inclined to try that. Since the clothing seems to extend beyond her chin line, you might want to consider cloning the skin down to meet the clothing instead of cloning the clothing up to meet the face. Make sense?

    This type of fix does require some attention to detail. I think you did an admirable job and unless you really studied the picture, one may not even notice it.
  3. It is another persons clothing. Another girl that she was resting her head on. I first cloned her jacket over the other girls jacket and then when I noticed I kind of threw her face out of proportion I went back a little with the clone tool but this time with the skin. If I get bored another day I will try the hard edged brush.

    Thanks for the reply!!!!!! :biggrin:
  4. cwilt


    Apr 24, 2005
    Denver, CO
    I wonder if you could create a layer mask and color select the white cloth to limit the effect of retouch from the skin. I'm at work now or I would try it out.
  5. You lost me....I tried creating a new layer with just the white...I used the wizard thing to select parts of the white....copied and pasted into a new layer. Did all that until I had all the parts and ctrl-e them to make them all one layer and then tried getting the cloning tool from the original layer and going over the white part but that didn't work. Just was trying something.....As far as the layer mask and color select..that I have no clue how to do.
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