Cranberry Glades West Virginia

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  1. Here are some shots from my trip to the the mountains in search of wildflowers. the light was great in almost all cases and there were many varieties to study. I hope you enjoy this sampling and I will post others later. 4 days no cell phone, TV, internet and just these to look at.... geez
    Deptford Pink
    Chicory with screw worm fly
    Pale touch-me-not
    These have been resized for the web and some cropping so far and no other post processing has been performed.
  2. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    All very beautiful images. Great little flowers. Would not have a clue what they are :>))

    Great DOF and background.

    Maybe a little curves adjustment to make them pop a bit and bring the lightness up a tad. A slight s curve should do it.

    Other than that , excellent.
  3. Dave excellent job, that's the kind of picture I like to take. Did you use the 200 micro on those?
  4. Gale, thanks for the comments and tips. I will apply a light curve adjustment later and see. I added descriptions for you and any one else interested in what they are. I only have 743 images to go thru and then i will have time to do this :^)
    Yes these were taken with the 200mm micro and a 5T close up lens, on a focusing rail. I tried the 70-200 2.8 VR and Canon 500D and was unable to get this kind of detail and quality mainly due to difficulty in "finding" my working distance and getting that monstor on the right plane with the subjuct to maximize depth of field.
  5. Dave which focusing rail did you use and is it very stable and easy to use?
  6. really right stuff B2-FAB, extremely versitle and easy to use in that it allows a wide range of fine movements.
  7. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    Very nice images Dave. How close did you have to get with the 200mm micro + 5T combo?
  8. Thank you very much Dave. I will put that in my must have equipment.
  9. Frank,
    Thanks for the comments as I am quite pleased with these images. No post processing yet tells me there are some good possibilities for these. I would estimate that about 8 inches was the working distance for this combo. I do have some nice images I will post later with the 500D on the 70-200.
  10. Thats pretty close working distance, take it you werent shooting in HSC mode. LOL.............very nice series
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