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  1. The regular photographer canceled out at the last minute and I was asked to fill in. These are of a high school play this weekend put on as Summer Fine Arts. They were taken with my D40X and my OLD F1.4 50MM lens so everything is manual including focus and no flash
    The lighting director would not light the set with any brightness, I think he trying to solve global warming in one step so I was set at 800 ISO, 1600 is just too noisy. Then I PS the images with things I learned here.

    Please comment on how to do better in the future as I am sure I will have to shoot more productions.



  2. I think you did very well given the limited ambient light. The second pic is a little underexposed and the focus is soft. I try to focus on the subjects eyes but do appreciate the fact you had to focus manually which isn't easy with a moving subject.


  3. Thanks Taco
  4. difficult shooting.... i shoot theater a lot
    you did very well

    way to step in and SAVE THE DAY

    they'll be very happy with your work