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CS #100 - The magic 100

Discussion in 'The Collective Shoot' started by Kees de Bruin, Sep 5, 2008.

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  1. As the collective shoot #99 is coming to an end (thanks to tamplum for hosting this shoot) it is time to start shooting for a new cause: The Magic 100.

    The following is taken from the announcement:

    Please post any images in this thread and have fun coming up with your own interpretation of the number 100.
  2. 100% crop

    Yesterday's planned photo trip was canceled because of bad weather. Staying at home today, I played with my telephoto lenses and here're some 100% crops. These are just for fun and are not tests under controlled condition, so are not valid comparison. All crops unsharpened.

    200/2 VR @F/2
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    200-400/4 VR @F/4
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    600/4 VR @F/4
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  3. Great shots Phil. This was one way to look at the number 100 I didn't consider :smile:
  4. 100 grams

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    Kees - I had to think about this CS topic for awhile! These are set of "standard" analytical weights that were used in laboratories back in the days before digital balances.

    I did a bit of housecleaning yesterday, including the stove top, and I figured it would make a good background surface for such highly reflective objects.

    D200, Tamron 90 macro, f/10, 8 s.

  5. This is a great shot Eric. Nice to see the interpretations also go beyond the realm of photography.
  6. By golly Eric, you're right:cool: . Now I'll have to try something with our ceramic cooktop:wink:
  7. Hey Bob -

    Well . . . Kees did ask us for info, etc.!

    It's been so unusually - and blissfully - cool around these parts lately that we've kept most of our windows open day and night. Had this been a "studio" shot (not like we have one), I'd have definitely taken the time to get rid of the little motes that appeared on the cooktop since yesterday and whose reflections appear here and there . . . lol.

    Thanks to you and Kees for the feedback,

  8. mhcfires


    Aug 23, 2007
    El Cajon, CA
    $100 and 100 years

    $100 face value in gold coins.

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    100 year old coin, 1908-D $20 gold piece.

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    Taken with D80, Tamrom 90mm f2.8 macro.
  9. Wileec

    Wileec Guest

    Tar and nailed . . .

    Not much time this week - been working on our roof, so my wife won't tar and feather me, so, here is tar and nailed (100 nails, to be exact):

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    I wanted to try another idea, based on 100 square miles where I live. Initially I was shooting with a large f-stop, maintaining focus on the city I live near, but I also tried seeing how much of the map I could capture in focus. Once in the computer, the later seemed more interesting to my eye, with a bit of tinkering:

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    Both images shot with D300 with a Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 lens; f/2.8 for 100 nails, f/32 for 200 sq. miles.
  10. These are great shots and again nice interpretations of the theme. Thanks for participating in the shoot.
  11. 100 and then some

    Our fruit production exploded this year – over laden branches of apples, pears, and peaches are everywhere. This unpruned and overgrown volunteer apple tree behind the garage is no exception. I was going to try to crop the apple content down to an even one hundred, but I kept losing count:wink:.

  12. In Alberta where I live the land is divided into sections based on the Dominion Land Survey...the divisions are based on longitude and latitude. We have range roads which run north and south and townships which run east and west. Yesterday I drove down south and then drove west over the twp 100. It was quite the road. It wound its way through the Porcupine Hills and out onto the grassland on the eastern slopes at the base of the Rocky Mtns. The elevation went from about 3400ft and stark dry grass prairie to 5500 ft and douglas fir/pine forest reserve. Quite the trip in my little Nissan Versa. All the 4 wheelers were waving to me :biggrin:.

    the dry bald prairie on TWP 100 road goes on forever. Those are the Porcupine Hills blocking out the Mountains in the distance

    through my windshield :eek: 

    almost the top of the climb 5514ft

    It was a fabulous day with many changes of weather and sky. An adventure to see something 100!

  13. mmmm maybe 100 Apple Pies! :tongue:
  14. Unfortunately, the apples from that tree are not good for much other than applesauce. My apple pies have to come from other trees:smile:.

    I've never been to your part of the planet, but I used to send my bird dogs for training on the prairies during the summer months. Your first shot is the way I envisioned my dogs' "vacations".:wink:
  15. Hey Phil -

    As always, your photographic "eye", participation (and gear!) are right on target.

    Those are very instructive and enjoyable for me.

  16. Michael -


    I have a "buffalo / Indian Head" nickel or two, but certainly in a baser metal than that one.

    Also, is that the legendary Saint-Gaudens "Walking Liberty" double eagle?

    Isn't that the coin that had the "motto controversy"?

    Very nice work.


    P.S. - Please tell me how those add up to 100 in face value . . . I used to collect coins - mostly pennies - lol.
  17. Wileec -

    You are putting that Tammy to very good use.


  18. Hey Bob -

    Your contribution makes me feel *almost* grateful that all I need to rake up in the Fall are Maple, Oak, Elm and (my neighbor's tree's huge) Sycamore leaves!

  19. Wileec

    Wileec Guest

    Thanks for the kind words. Lot's of learning to do in this DSLR world - but I'm enjoying the process . . . most of the time. :smile:
  20. Hey Barb -

    I like these shots, especially #s 1 and 3.

    Out around here, we certainly do have prairies, but I assure you that I'd need to drive a very long time to be able to get from our 1076 ft elevation up to 5100 - lol.

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