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Discussion in 'The Collective Shoot' started by Dave Dickerson, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. This weeks Collective Shoot is simple. Post a maximum of 4 shots of your favorite weekend activities, or your favorite shots from the weekend, or some combination of the the two.

    The shooting period runs from Friday through Monday your local time. I hope no one objects that I've decided to declare a long weekend. :wink:

    Post your shots in this thread through Thursday July 12. Please remember to keep your file sizes reasonable.
  2. Today is very very hot, but at least there was no rain so I went to shoot birds as usual. I continued to practice with the 800mm, so forgive me for these mediocre shots.



    More exciting(for me) was I found that manual focusing the 800mm for BIF was possible.


    More interestingly, while we were shooting birds with long tele, I noticed a guy capturing the scenery with this.

  3. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Wow Phil that last image is wonderful. Looks like the good (?) old days.

    Nice birdie shots to
  4. Joyseeker

    Joyseeker Guest

    i reserve the right to change these presented till time is up

    had the D40 a week now and have been walking round trying to get good RAWs locally for experience with Elements.

    the best so far by this weekend's definition.....


    its the uk so gardening has got to figure. :tongue:


    i'm not short of nutty neighbours.


    an old pub up the road which has just been taken over by another brewery and re-done into something i'll try soon.


    (here just for info on the pub above and nothing else.)


    where i live is.... of course..... 'middle earth'. :cool:
  5. Nice series, Phil. Wow, an 800mm Ai-S and a view camera in the same place-serious stuff!:smile:
  6. Nice, Dave. Glad you joined in. I love #3-what a cool house!
  7. Hey Dave -

    One of my favorite weekend activities, when I can find the time, is to hop in the car with the camera - like many/most of us here, I suspect.

    Here are two snaps from Friday as I was driving home along U.S. 26 in western Nebraska.

    I saw this motel on the way up to Yellowstone (and it had a few doors open at that time), but I was in a hurry to get to my first night's stop.

    On the way back, it was almost noon I suspect, and I didn't have time to explore better angles.

    This is the Lazy-U Motel in Broadwater, NE - I don't know whether they are still available for booking!

    Thanks for hosting,



  8. Eric, I think old motels like the Lazy-U are cool. What great colors! I'd love to see a larger version of the second shot-love it.

    Thanks for your contributions!
  9. Lately our "favorite" weekend activity has been house shopping. :rolleyes:

    Big fancy houses with lots of room and stuff.

    Nice enough kitchen. Not crazy about dark wood.

    Yep, bathtub works. These two kept the sales people on their toes. :biggrin:

    Ignore the belly in the mirror.

  10. Gees, I can identify with this!
    One time when I was holding a house open in Palo Alto when I saw a little girl attempt to walk on top of hot tub covered with foam.

    She, of course, fell in.
    I was aghast!:eek::eek::eek:
    She was okay, but I was pretty shook up.

    aka beaucamera
  11. Enjoyed the house hunting shots, Ed. Now's the time to buy for sure.

    Dark cabinets are definitely back in style. At least avocado green appliances haven't made a comeback yet.:eek:
  12. While putting off finishing my weekend chores, I've been enjoying the flowers on the deck


    and shooting some damsels.



    Of course, everyone enjoys Sunday brunch!
  13. There's a yes and no answer about buying a home around here, Dave.
    There's a shortage of supply in prime neighborhoods in the SF Bay area.
    While interest rates are still good, home prices remain high and there is not much to choose from. They sell quickly, with 10-21 days closes, often over the asking price.

    You have to move into outlying areas with longer commutes to find deals.

    aka beaucamera
  14. Joyseeker

    Joyseeker Guest


    which of your lens did you use for that?..... stunning.
  15. Thanks, Dave. I used the 200 micro. One of the nice things about it is the relatively long working distance, which helps avoid shading and/or spooking the subject.
  16. tojor


    Jul 27, 2005
    Great set of damselflies Dave. They look different from ours. Unfortunately I spent all weekeng doing garden work and I don't consider that a "favorite activity". :eek:
  17. Bob Coutant

    Bob Coutant Moderator Moderator

    May 17, 2005
    Pleasantville Ohio
    This was a weekend to practice city scenes in the booming metropolis of Lancaster. Made several trips:frown:; made lots of mistakes:redface:; sure hope I learned something:smile:. I’m not happy with this one, but it’s better than anything else I have of this fountain in Zane Square. [But, I WILL do better.]

  18. Thanks, Torben. Sorry that gardening consumed your weekend. Maybe the fruits of your labor will provide nice subjects later on. :smile:
  19. Yipe! I prevent mine doing anything quite that silly. But being perpetual motion beings, they tend to give non parents fits just being there.

    These houses are new and staged. Actually not too bad and prices are falling like a rock (eg one of those we looked at went down 100K today). Still a very depressing market to house shop in. I really wonder what families with "average" income do. How can they possibly afford it?
  20. I like your shot, Bob-the color of the fountain looks great with the deep blue sky and the trees in the background. Interesting fountain. How old is it and what's it made of?
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